Anglers Adventure: Fishing in Key West

Among the most popular activities that visitors to Key West enjoy is saltwater fishing – warm local waters, a living reef and proximity to the Gulfstream combines to create unbelievable richness of species — and trophies! Key West is one of the best destinations in the world for both passionate amateur and professional anglers. Whether it’s a passion for the deep sea denizens, or the fish on the flats of the backcountry, these adventures, (not to mention all the other attractions of the Southernmost City,) make Key West the perfect vacation destination.

Sailfish Key west 447x335 - Anglers Adventure: Fishing in Key West

The Florida Keys are an archipelago of coral islands and islets located in the southeastern part of the United States, off the southern coast of Florida. These islands have become an incredible travel destination, not just for anglers, but with a wide range of sights and activities for any type of vacationer. Continue reading “Anglers Adventure: Fishing in Key West”