8 most amazing European tourist spots to explore

Europe is home to a number of great cities, attractions, amusement parks and some of the best beaches in the world. There are more historic sites in this continent than in any other place in the world. Everyone wants to visit Europe at least one in their life and experience the beauty and magic of this amazing place. There are extraordinary landscapes and people who will floor with their charm and graceful attitude. There are far too many options for a tourist in Europe but there at least 8 places which you must never miss while touring this continent. Let us explore these beautiful places –

Louvre Museum
Photo: roshan-institute.org

1) Louvre Museum, France
This one of the most revered cultural attractions in France and in Europe, in particular. There are more than thousand art pieces on display including the famous Mona Lisa. You can spend an entire day here gazing at the beautiful creations. The most interesting exhibit is the Napoleon’s Apartment exhibit. There are also Egyptian antiquities in display which will impress even a non-history buff. Continue reading “8 most amazing European tourist spots to explore”

Your Complete Italy Travel Guide: Famous Tourist Destinations and Other Necessary Information

Italy, to most of the tourists, is one of the biggest attractions in the world. Every nook and corner of the country has something or the other to offer to the tourists visiting it from various parts of the world. Having said all this, it still is a country with real people living and working every day, which means not every part of the country, can be considered as tourist spot. So, here are five of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy and an insight into what you should expect, when you visit these places.


Rome –

The most vibrant city of Italy reminds you of its illustrious past all the time. The things to look forward to in the city are great museums, ancient monuments, and Renaissance and medieval fountains and buildings. Being the capital of what we call modern Italy, Rome boasts of many fine cafes and restaurants, lively squares and streets and a great nightlife. Continue reading “Your Complete Italy Travel Guide: Famous Tourist Destinations and Other Necessary Information”

Reveling in Italian Holidays

Italy is one of the world’s best tourist destinations. It has the beautiful fusion of the old and new with its historic cities and good restaurants, shopping and nightlife that would entice anyone to go there for a break. People visit Italy for a number of reasons: for religious pilgrims, to spend a romantic getaway, or just to be a part of history with its ancient museums and medieval churches.

Verona Italy
Image: flickr.com/photos/thanate_tan

When having Italy holiday, the best destinations are the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Naples. The modern Rome is not only home of the Vatican and St. Peter’s, but is also a bustling and animated city filled with excellent restaurants and nightlife. Venice is depicted in a lot of films because of the romantic feeling it invokes in anyone who travelled there. There are loads of museums, palaces and churches to see while wandering along its famous canals. Continue reading “Reveling in Italian Holidays”

Romantic Places in Italy to Visit

Yet not decided where to go for holidays, then look no further, Italy can be your dream holiday destination. This shoe shaped land is located in the Mediterranean Sea with pleasant climate to enjoy. With so much to see, Italy has always been a popular tourist destination for most of the Europeans.

Photo: wikimedia.org

Italy is located in the southern Europe with two largest islands – Sicily and Sardinia. Italy possesses a great historical background with the Roman Empire, middle ages and Renaissance that have left their mark with the many amazing cultural artifacts, monuments, paintings and much more. Continue reading “Romantic Places in Italy to Visit”