Six Of The Best Beaches In The U.S. For A Romantic Getaway

Searching for a relaxing and beautiful spot to vacation with your significant other? Head no further than any one of America’s stunning beaches. From the classic span of white sand to the more unique cliff lined shores, the U.S. is home to the most fantastic coastlines.

Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida

Located on the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s panhandle, Destin is an amazing getaway full of white sand and gorgeous water. Great care is taken to flatten out the sand every morning for the influx of tourists, and depending on the time of year, you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset from the shore. Continue reading “Six Of The Best Beaches In The U.S. For A Romantic Getaway”

American Bayou Vacation – 5 Places to Visit in the South

The American South has many fascinating destinations, whether you want to explore nature or visit some of the nation’s most interesting cities. No one can say they’ve truly explored the U.S. until they’ve seen what the southern regions have to offer. The following are five must-see destinations the next time you visit the South.

Walt Disney World, Florida

1. Walt Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, not far from Orlando, is a place every family with kids should visit at least once. This is not one theme park, but an entire entertainment complex consisting of multiple resorts, theme parks and other attractions. Some of the highlights include Epcot, a futuristic theme park that has focuses on scientific exhibits. Another favorite is Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of the world’s largest animal parks. Continue reading “American Bayou Vacation – 5 Places to Visit in the South”

Ten things to see in southern USA

From the swamps to the plains, Nashville’scountry music to Delta blues, cities to National Parks the southern states of America have much to offer the visitor. Before you finalise your itinerary and book your airline tickets make sure you are not going to miss these ten must-see destinations.

Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana
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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a fascinating city at any time of the year but unbeatable during the carnival that is Mardi Gras. Its unique mix of French, Caribbean and African cultures has created a mosaic of culture, food and music. Continue reading “Ten things to see in southern USA”

Driving from Texas to Florida

Traveling by car is popular all over the world. And it is especially popular in such a large and diverse country as the United States of America. If you have a car, and you do have it, if you are a US citizen, you may dedicate your vacation to traveling all over the country. But let us suppose the situation, if you live in Texas and would like to go the sea shore.

Naples, Florida
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Let it be the Atlantic coast. So, the most probable place for you to go from Texas is Miami, Florida. You should think over your way carefully, because this is rather long journey. Take a map and choose the route for your drive. Mark all the fuel stations and motels where you may possibly stay for a night with your girlfriend or wife and children. Do not forget to visit passing cities and towns. These can be Naples, which is a beautiful place for having rest on the beach. Another one is St. Petersburg, Florida. It has Salvador Dali Museum containing about 200 of works of the surrealistic genius. Continue reading “Driving from Texas to Florida”