The Top Ten Vacation Spots to Visit in Mid-Summer

It’s mid-summer and you haven’t taken a vacation yet! What to do? Thankfully, there are some pretty great places that aren’t too far away that will allow you to get away last minute for a great vacation that will sustain you through the dreary days of winter.

Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia

Plantation houses, thick canopies of trees, and nearby Tybee Island make Savannah the vacation spot for history buffs and beach lovers. While the humidity and heat can sometimes get pretty thick in the middle of summer, visitors can escape to Tybee Island for coastal breezes and warm waters. Continue reading “The Top Ten Vacation Spots to Visit in Mid-Summer”

Ten things to see in southern USA

From the swamps to the plains, Nashville’scountry music to Delta blues, cities to National Parks the southern states of America have much to offer the visitor. Before you finalise your itinerary and book your airline tickets make sure you are not going to miss these ten must-see destinations.

Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo: praline3001

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a fascinating city at any time of the year but unbeatable during the carnival that is Mardi Gras. Its unique mix of French, Caribbean and African cultures has created a mosaic of culture, food and music. Continue reading “Ten things to see in southern USA”