How to see the State of Origin in Style

If you have spent any time in either New South Wales or Queensland, you will have no doubt come across the rugby league phenomena of the annual State of Origin series. The clash of state against state captures the imagination of both populations and will always be the focus of sports lovers up and down the east coast. If you are interested at all in sport, this brutal spectacular is something you need to see, and if you are going to check it out, why not do it in style.

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Go to the source – The games are played in both Sydney and Brisbane, though if you are only going to go to one game, the Brisbane venue of Lang Park is the place to be. No other rugby league venue in the country has the atmosphere of Lang Park and it is the scene of some of the most electric clashes in the history of State of Origin. Tickets are scarce commodities so you are going to need to be quick to get yours, though whether you have to wait 8 hours in line or sell a small part of your soul, it really will be worth it. Continue reading “How to see the State of Origin in Style”

5 Top Places to Visit in Australia

When visiting Australia there is so much to see that careful planning is necessary to make the most of your time here. In a country with so much space you often need to travel long distances between destinations. However, with the right plan and location you can ensure that your trip will be one to remember forever. Each State within Australia is varied and offers different experiences to the traveller so it is definitely worth exploring more than one location.

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Queensland is home to a beach called ‘Surfers Paradise’ and promises to offer the experience of a lifetime. If you are looking for sand, sun and surf then Queensland is the place to be. When looking for Gold Coast apartments you need to consider how close you are to the beach, your ability to access the rest of Queensland by public transport, and your proximity to the night life. Make sure you strike a balance between all of the options so you don’t miss out on the shopping, sand, or scenery. Continue reading “5 Top Places to Visit in Australia”

How to Travel Australia

Many of the main attractions in Australia are hundreds if not thousands of kilometres apart so what is the best way to see Australia? This short guide will tell you about the opportunities, methods and ways to live and travel in Australia.

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Travelling to hotels all around the country can be expensive but when you are in the cities they are the best option. Gold Coast apartments are plentiful in Queensland offering you beach side accommodation of excellent quality and within reach of the Great Barrier Reef. Similarly, serviced apartments in Sydney will enable you to experience the full potential of the area. A hotel experience in the densely populated cities will put you at the heart of the action and ensure you can make the most of your stay. Continue reading “How to Travel Australia”