Stats of Greece- Diversity

Greece is a European country, persisting beautiful lands and perfect scenarios.

The population in Greece is round about 10.6 million (2004). Over 4 million of Greek citizens live abroad, including 2 millions in the USA.

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The Urban is: 57.7%the Rural is: 42%
the Population density: 77.8 citizens per square kilometer
Sex distribution: 49.2% males, and 50.8% females.
Life expectancy: 72.2 years (male), and 76.4 years (female) Continue reading “Stats of Greece- Diversity”

What all to do in Greece?

Greece it is the most exotic and romantic place in the world; persisting many things at a time. Blissful and ecstasy, a paradise, a heaven on earths lap. Greece having the manly mountains, earthly nature and what else, the beautiful, crystal amazing shimmering water, the turquoise water.

Greece archeological history
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It’s the land of culture, land of benevolence and compassion, land of perfect legendary mythological history; it’s the ideal master piece created and painted by god. The people in Greece are also very nice with their perfect adaptable and versatile nature with their benevolent smiles on their charming faces. Greece is beautiful, well that’s also less. Greece has a huge archeological history; providing with a principle source of details about the Greek mythology- with gods and heroes, featured significantly in art and crafts. Continue reading “What all to do in Greece?”

Greece – A perfect honeymoon destination

Marriages are made in heaven and the days of endless stream of love onsets with the honeymoon. It’s few of those moments, those days of life which a couple would cherish all through their lovely life. And what better way to start those days at Greece, God’s own land of love. Harmony within the marriage is also called honeymoon, like a couple staying together will 50 years of marriage, will lots of harmony, love care and happiness, and is also called the time period of honeymoon, its honeymoon itself. Let’s enjoy the Yachtcharter Griechenland – paradise of love, heaven of love.

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Greece is considered as one of the most idyllic places in the world, Greece is certainly high recommended for perfect honeymoons. Continue reading “Greece – A perfect honeymoon destination”

Travelling the blue-white City of Greece

Greece is some sort of paradise for people who are interested in art, literature and architecture. Far away from beach routine is a wonderful world for admirers of classics, antiquity and travels. Greece is located in the south-east of Europe and has borders with Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia.

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You may know that Greece is the most ancient country of Europe and one of the oldest states in the world. Certainly, it underwent a lot of changes for thousands of years, but still we have wonderful monuments of this great culture. First of all it is literature. As you may know all ancient authors have the great impact on many classical writers and nowadays works. But ancient Greeks were developed in many spheres. And one of the main spheres is architecture. Marvelous sculptures and building, which still can be seen today, are the witnesses of that epoch in the history of Greece. Continue reading “Travelling the blue-white City of Greece”