We Aced Toddler Roadway Travel These Holidays, Here’s How

Mango trees lined the boundary wall of the resort we had actually booked for the night stop. They were brief trees, laden with green unripe fruit. My three-year-old boy took a look at them in marvel. He cupped his palm around one little mango hanging on a low branch and laughed. Far so excellent, I believed. I had actually been worried about the journey. It was our first journey with the toddler and to complicate matters it was occurring in the middle of the summer heat wave.

Toddler Travel - We Aced Toddler Roadway Travel These Holidays, Here's How

Despite the fact that a summer season journey to the hills was a yearly ritual for us before we had our kid, the mere idea of a journey with a child seemed daunting. Having actually had rather difficult airplane and train journeys with him, we were not truly sure if we might pull off a trip. When summer came this particularly hot year, the hills beckoned and we chose to give it a shot. Continue reading “We Aced Toddler Roadway Travel These Holidays, Here’s How”

Why Should You Visit Cyprus?

Cyprus is well known as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’. Being the birthplace in legend of the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, seems fitting for this dreamy, enticing and picturesque place. A Mediterranean island, full of history and myth, Cyprus enjoys sunshine for most of the year, which is why so many people plan holidays to Cyprus. Golden beaches, hidden bays and romantic coves are but a few of the reasons tourists flock here. The culture and history of Cyprus are equally appealing. With picture-perfect mountains and an idyllic surrounding countryside, Cyprus offers more than just a beach holiday for those wishing to explore.

cyprus beach
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There truly is something to appeal to every taste on the island of Cyprus. Swimming in the azure sea, walking through pine-scented glades, skiing on the mountain tops, discovering Byzantine churches and Ancient Greek temples are but a few of the many activities on offer. Described as the year-round island, no matter what season you visit in, you will not be bored for an instant.

A warm welcome awaits you on your arrival. The Cypriot people are famous for their kind ways and hospitality. Throughout the year many different festivals take place, in which visitors are more than welcome to participate. One of the biggest of these is the Limassol Beer Festival, which takes place in July.

Exotic beaches, clear water and golden sands can be found on Cyprus. Resorts such as Limassol, Ayia Napa, Protaras and Paphos are all examples of delightful resorts which visitors simply must visit. Tourist attractions include Aphrodite’s Rock on the south-western coast, Paphos Harbour and Castle, the city of Nicosia with its ancient city walls, and Curium and Kolossi Castle near Limmassol. Then there’s the amazing Troodos Mountains to consider.

Cypriot cuisine will not disappoint visitors to Cyprus. With Turkish, Middle Eastern, Greek, and African influences, the Cypriot diet is varied and delicious. Typical dishes include Mezze, a mixture of dishes which make up a meal – up to 30 small courses on occasion. Seafood is another avenue of delight for gastronomists, with red mullet, squid, and octopus on the ‘Catch of the Day’ menu wherever you go. In terms of wine, the climate in Cyprus is favourable to growing grapes, meaning that there are many delicious local wines to try.TheLimassol Wine Festival is a must-visit for wine lovers and takes place in August each year.

Stunning scenery and adventure awaits you in Cyprus. Walkers and trekkers will love the hillside paths of the Troodos Mountains. Beautiful views await you in the Platres and the Akamas Peninsula in this region, also home to picturesque world heritage churches.
With easy access to the country served by all major airlines, and an abundance of superb hotels on offer, there has never been a better time to visit this charming and intriguing country.

Author Bio:
Sammie Jenson is a working Mum considering holidays to Cyprus for the summer holidays this year.

Why Mini-Breaks are better than Holidays

Whilst getting away for a fortnight in the sun each year may seem like a dream holiday, it isn’t always easy to schedule two weeks off from work, especially if your group of friends, husband or wife also need to get time off work on the same dates. There are times when a mini-break can seem even better than a long holiday, and there are many fantastic deals to be had for weekend breaks, particularly in Europe. Rather than spending your yearly holiday budget on one long holiday, why not spread the cost throughout the year by taking two or three short breaks a year?

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Short breaks in the UK
Holidays within the UK have recently increased in popularity, and beautiful York is one of the best weekend break locations that you can choose. The historic city has an abundance of attractions such as The Castle Museum, the Jorvik Viking Centre and York Minster. In addition, ghost walks take place on a Saturday night (and daily in school holidays) that allow you to explore the centre of the city whilst being treated to some spooky stories. York is the perfect city for a weekend break as it is compact enough to explore on foot and most attractions are within easy walking distance of each other. Continue reading “Why Mini-Breaks are better than Holidays”

Chianti Villa Accommodation For Those Seeking Peaceful Holidays

There are countless occasions when individuals had their trips spoilt because they did not choose proper place to lodge in during their holidays. People generally go other cities or countries during the holiday season to enjoy some peace and get away from the hustle and bustle associated with daily life. However, this is next to impossible when staying in a hotel. More often than not, guests staying in such hotels will have to bear with noise cause by other guests off the hotel. Apart from this, one has to abide by certain rules when they stay in hotels. If you plan to visit Chianti during your next holidays, it is best that you plan to stay somewhere else rather than a hotel. This ensures that you and the other members of your family have peace of mind. One such option is to opt for Chianti villa accommodation.

Posarelli Villas

These villas are available in different sizes and are located in different parts of the city. They provide you with all the modern amenities you would want. It fact, the ambience is such that you will think that you are staying in your own home when you stay in such villas. Most people believe that since these villas offer so many advantages, they must be extremely costly. However, this is far from the reality. In fact, renting such villas will cost you much less than what it will cost you to rent a room in a good hotel. The owners of these villas also ensure that their property is well maintained. They also clean the same thoroughly after a guest leaves, so that the villa is spick and span for the next guest. Though the prices of these villas differ, depending on their location, and the amenities they provide, the rental cost of an average one will cost you approximately 400 British Pounds for one week. Continue reading “Chianti Villa Accommodation For Those Seeking Peaceful Holidays”

Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Traveling to Europe seems to be a financially discouraging but with the help of proper planning and adequate research work the travel can cost much lesser and become affordable.

Consider spending your vacation in these cities in Europe with low cost:-

Berlin, Germany

Berlin in Germany:

Plan to spend your first week in Berlin. Miserable economy of this city has made it a cheap and budget friendly city to visit. Prices in Berlin are much lower when compared to other  European cities. Travelers to this place can stroll around the town, and get hold of the food on street side which is offered at dirt cheap rates. There are many lush green parks where you can spend your leisurely hours. Continue reading “Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe”