Keep Up On Your Hygiene While Traveling

While you are traveling, it seems like all hygiene goes out the window. Normally, you brush your teeth after every meal, but when you are on the road, you are constantly snacking and letting your oral hygiene slip through your fingers. Most days, you change your clothes and wash them regularly, but while traveling, you wear the same outfit over and over and over again. You rarely wash your hands, because there just aren’t hand-washing facilities. If you are flying, hygiene becomes even more complicated, due to the restrictions on liquids. To avoid feeling nasty while on an extended vacation, use these tips below.

Happily on vacation - Keep Up On Your Hygiene While Traveling

Dental Hygiene

Your oral health is essential. Not only does it keep your breath smelling fresh (your car-mates will thank you), but it keeps you from getting cavities. Some airlines ban toothpaste tubes, so purchase toothpaste dots, or make them yourself by drying them on aluminum foil for a few days. These toothpaste dots don’t even count towards your liquid limit. Brush your teeth every time you use the bathroom, as the constant snacking will allow plaque to build up on your teeth. If you are going on a road trip, pack healthy snacks like apples, carrots and pretzels rather than chocolate and other candy to limit the buildup of plaque. Continue reading “Keep Up On Your Hygiene While Traveling”