Yachts Ibiza

Ibiza is a spectacular jewel set in the Mediterranean in the group of islands known together as the Balearics. It is the third in size, at only 220 square miles, and is the nearest to mainland Spain, at only 50 miles out to sea. To put the size in perspective, it is about half as big again as the Isle of Wight, but has a smaller population, so it remains very unspoiled. The beaches are gorgeous and the crystal clear water around Ibiza and its sister island Formentera make it a natural haven for anyone who love yachting.

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Photo: Philip Larson

Yachts Ibiza have a huge choice, and the yachts can be chartered with or without a skipper and for whatever length of time suits you best. If you have been spending much of your time in Ibiza looking longingly out to sea at the deep blue Mediterranean, then Yachts Ibiza can make your holiday dream come true. Continue reading “Yachts Ibiza”