Four Reasons to Rent a Villa in Ibiza

Are you tired of the traditional package holiday where everyone boards the bus and gets off at the same hotel? Do you want your holiday to be free from pressure and have the time to do exactly as you please every day?


Then maybe it’s time you considered hiring your own home in the sun for a week or two in the form of a holiday villa. For location, there’s no better place than the beautiful Balearic island of Ibiza to do this. Continue reading “Four Reasons to Rent a Villa in Ibiza”

Feasting Your Eyes on the Beautiful Island of Majorca

Majorca is the biggest Balearic Island, a popular tourist’s destination because of its warm climate, fantastic beaches, and numerous attractions for a fun-filled day. When in Majorca, sights to see include the Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital city, which is home to gothic cathedrals and palaces of Moorish governors and Mallorcan kings dating back from the 14th century.


You might also want to ride the Soller Railway. This is the train connecting the city of Palma de Mallorca to Soller since 1912, where you can enjoy its narrow-gauge track while passing through lush and beautiful landscapes. If you are deeply religious, you can join a pilgrim to see the small dark statue of the Virgin Mary at the monastery of San Salvador, which sits on top of the mountain giving you an amazing view of the countryside. Continue reading “Feasting Your Eyes on the Beautiful Island of Majorca”

Private Accommodation in Hilton Head Island

The tendency of renting accommodation for a vacation trip becomes more and more popular. People prefer to rent property instead of hotels, because it has more advantages. It’s more private, flexible, cheaper and sometimes even more comfortable, because you can get a nice flat for your family and for the same price get two poor rooms in a hotel or motel. Staying in a hotel, you have not so private conditions. You can’t cook for yourself and need to be on time for breakfast or dinner.

Beach Houses on Hilton Head Island
Photo: Lee Coursey

Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is a popular place for vacations. And you may find a lot of accommodations for rent there. The average rental price for private property in Hilton Head Island is about 3 thousand dollars for your vacation time. Usually all the property is located in five-minutes distance from beaches. The rental properties offer you to have several bedrooms, kitchen, swimming pool, high-speed internet and many other conveniences. It is suitable to use such accommodation, if you travel with children too. Continue reading “Private Accommodation in Hilton Head Island”