Five Sites Not to Miss in Koh Samui

When going on a holiday, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the destination in advance, so you can make the maximum of your time there. Before your trip to Las Vegas, be sure to check the gambling and drinking ago limit, and upon planning your visit to New York or Paris, make a list of all the museums, galleries and theaters you don’t want to miss, etc. The same goes for a number of popular tourist destinations, from famous locations like Rome – only well-prepared tourists will be able to use the most of their time in the Eternal City – to exotic spots like Koh Samui, where a lot of people don’t think outside the “beach and sea” box. But, there are a lot of things do to on this resort island located near the East coast of Thailand’s Malay Peninsula, so here are some of the best places to visit.

Secret Buddha Garden - Five Sites Not to Miss in Koh Samui

Secret Buddha Garden

The very name of this place gives on open clue to what it really is, but there’s more to the Secret Buddha Garden besides an intriguing name. Also known under several other names – Tarnim Magic Garden and Heaven’s Garden – this private sculpture park is located on one of the highest points of Koh Samui. While this is not a temple per se but more of a park/garden area, it does feature an abundant number of statues that present Buddha and Buddhism in various forms, sizes and angles. It’s hidden in the central part of the island and thus not openly present for all tourists, but leaning more to those adventurous ones. Started in late 1970s, this garden now presents a special combination of peacefulness and excitement and tourists enjoy both the path to it as well as statues of animals, deities and even a tomb of the founder. Continue reading “Five Sites Not to Miss in Koh Samui”

Sun and Sand in Thailand

Ko Samui, or Koh Samui is an Island situated near the Kra Isthmus east coast in Thailand. The island is located close to Surat Thani, the mainland town of Surat Thani Province. Samui, as referred by the locals, is the second largest island of Thailand, after Phuket. The population is a little over 50,000 but the island attracts nearly 1.5 million travellers each year. Samui is replete with natural resources and draws a large number of tourists to its coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and coconut trees.

Samui Islands 447x297 - Sun and Sand in Thailand

The economy of Koh Samui was originally driven by fishing, subsistence agriculture, and cultivation of coconuts as the chief cash crop. After 1980, the advent of tourism has altered the economic structure of the island irreversibly. Tourism industry is now a dominant industry, which is supported by stable and high-speed internet connectivity and transport links to the place. Tourists visiting Thailand now have another destination to explore, made possible by excellent transportation and comfortable accommodation in koh samui. Bangkok Airways built the airport in Ko Samui originally. Bangkok Airways is still the major operator and for a long time remained the only airways service, connecting mainland Thailand to Koh Samui. Continue reading “Sun and Sand in Thailand”

Enjoy In Kohsamui

The increase in the tourists from the West flocking to the countries in search of a sunlight and sand has made the hospitality sector to boom. The hotels in Thailand are continuously on surge. The warm, weather, crystal clear water, flora and fauna, rich heritage and culture, water sports make this a heavenly place. The people are warm and friendly, thus making a pleasant experience.

Koh Samui 447x299 - Enjoy In Kohsamui

Thailand especially has a variety to offer to the tourists due to its culture, tradition and its abundant natural resources. The cuisine is among the best in terms of popularity. The Thai tourism industry provides luxurious accommodation at competitive rates and it ensures that the tourists keep coming back to this place. There are various hotels, resorts, spas, villas and other cottages that suit both your interest and budget. Continue reading “Enjoy In Kohsamui”

Koh Samui resorts: Best for all types of vacation purposes

Koh Samui resorts one of the best options available for accommodation in Thailand while any type of trip. They are best in services, facilities, amenities and location, during the stay the guests can enjoy the true luxury living. If you like beaches and natural scenic beauty, then it is the best way to spend the vacations. One can have a relaxed stay while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the crystal clear beaches that helps in soothing the senses away from the hassle of daily life. These resorts can be booked for different vacation purposes like:

chaweng beach at central - Koh Samui resorts: Best for all types of vacation purposes

Vacation with family: These resorts are designed in a way that there are many rooms available for different living purposes. So, if you in Koh Samui with your family, then you can select the big rooms. These rooms are specially designed for the big families; these rooms are spacious and are well maintained with all the amenities needed by a family during the stay. These resorts offer many recreational activities for the kids so that parents can enjoy the quality time as the children gets involved in the various activities. Different cuisine facilities are also offered so families can enjoy the different meals all together with several options. Continue reading “Koh Samui resorts: Best for all types of vacation purposes”