Check News Alerts For the Best Regions to Travel To in the World

There are many areas around the world that were once unheard of as travel destinations but are becoming more popular and are attracting an increasing number of visitors every year. Depending on one’s preferences, one can find the region that best lines up with what one is looking for either a long weekend or an extended vacation or holiday.

Lo Manthang

A unique destination is the island of Corsica in the French Mediterranean, with an intense culture that mixes the best of the cultures of France and Italy. It presents a challenging topography with a range of glittering bays, fabulous beaches and plush coastal cities as well as saw-tooth peaks with hilltop villages juxtaposed against breathtaking valleys. Its epic beauty has made it the choice to host the initial stages of the 100th Tour de France which will make it the first time the race has braved the challenges of the island. Continue reading “Check News Alerts For the Best Regions to Travel To in the World”