What Really Makes a Luxury Holiday?

Not all of us can afford to go on a luxury holiday every year; we might choose to go to the Spanish Costas or a budget city break instead. But once in a while, it is ever so rewarding to pack your bags for a more sumptuous getaway. Aside from saving up enough for your trip, the other main difficulty is picking a destination! Each and every entry in a holiday brochure can read like the most amazing resort in the world, so how can you determine which places are truly luxurious? Here’s what you should check to find a real luxury holiday…


Official star ratings

The first thing you can check is the official star rating of the resort. Some tour companies give their own grading to accommodation, which might not be the same as the official rating. That means that a five star resort may not actually be as good as it sounds, so it is worth doing your research to check that you’re paying for somewhere that is as good as it is claimed to be. You might also choose to read reviews from other customers to check what the resort is like in terms of location, food and customer service. Continue reading “What Really Makes a Luxury Holiday?”

Thailand – A Phenomenal Destination For Your Luxury Holiday

Planning your vacation may ask for some effort. If you are preparing for a thrilling and adventure filled holiday Thailand is the suitable place for you. Thailand tour packages can be customized according to any pocket and budget. Keeping in view the momentum Thailand government has given to its tourism sector it becomes an indispensable part of your life to visit this place.

Central Part Of Thailand

Various highlights and attributes are associated with Thailand which makes it the most famous tourist spot and attracts visitors from each and every corner around the earth. Every part of the country is equipped with the food and lodging keeping in mind the visitor inflow Thailand is experiencing for past many years. You need to plan your holiday in advance and have to make an estimate of the various challenges you may face during your stay in Thailand. You can also hire a tour operator to make your journey hassle free and smooth. Continue reading “Thailand – A Phenomenal Destination For Your Luxury Holiday”

Luxury Holiday Accommodation in Greece

Located in south-eastern Europe, Greece borders with Albania, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and also Turkey. Greece is mostly a mountainous terrain with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas or chains of islands. This developed country is well known around the world for its traditional cuisines and its football league.

Greek cuisine
Photo: Klearchos Kapoutsis

The traditional Greek cuisine comprises mainly of Mediterranean cuisine, sharing similar characteristics with the cuisines of Southern France and Italy just to name a few. Found throughout Greece, many fine restaurants and bars provide meals with olive oil present in almost every dish. Olive Oil is the most characteristic and ancient element of Greek food. To explore the best parts in Greece, experience your stay in Greece Hotels to make a trip to this country, a fascinating experience. Continue reading “Luxury Holiday Accommodation in Greece”

Looking Online For Cheap Holidays In Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain and boasts the highest elevation above sea level as well as the tallest mountain in Spain, Mount Teide, which rises over 3000 metres tall. The unspoiled natural surroundings include the national park of the Las Cañadas crater and numerous lava rock formations; further to the south, tree-covered valleys and untamed forests offer adventure and challenge to hikers and amateur naturalists. Luxury family holidays in the area are often available at far less cost than other European destinations due to the lower cost of living and lower prices available in Spain; this can allow families to enjoy cheap holidays in exotic surroundings without sacrificing the quality of their accommodations or their activities.

Tenerife, Spain
Photo: ReservasdeCoches.com

Because of its near-tropical climate, Tenerife offers a wide range of activities perfect for family holidays. Carnival is held in February each year throughout the islands as a celebration of the end of Lent; the colourful costumes and extensive parades in the capital city of Santa Cruz are perfect for families with children, while the late-night street dances are perhaps better reserved for the older members of the family. Music lovers can combine their luxury holidays in Tenerife with one of the seasonal music festivals; the Music Festival of the Canary Islands is held each June, while the Sabandeño Festival takes place in September and features folklore music from around the region.
Continue reading “Looking Online For Cheap Holidays In Tenerife”