Summer Outing Essentials

It’s summertime once again and nothing can be better than stepping out of your Tagaytay luxury homes and going on a summer outing with your friends and family! With everyone in a mad rush, it would be best to prepare your bag the night before the excursion. No idea what to bring? Maybe this checklist can help you out.



While you may think these two are the same, they are actually as different as apples and oranges. Sunscreen tends to have a thinner, oilier formula and can be bought in spray bottles. It’s also more easily absorbed by the skin. As for sun protection, what it does is transform the harmful sun radiation into milder radiation. Meanwhile, sunblock comes in the form of a thicker, non-oily lotion which must be rubbed onto your skin in order for it to be absorbed. As its name says, sunblock “blocks” the sun rays, effectively deflecting the radiation. In addition, sunscreen will take effect 20 minutes after application while sunblock will take effect immediately. Now, which one would you rather pack in your beach bag? Sunscreen or sunblock? Continue reading “Summer Outing Essentials”