Skip and Go Naked: Moscow’s Naturist Beach

When Moscow’s summer humidity has you wanting to shed every shred of clothing, there’s one place to go where you can do just that. Serebryany Bor Beach No. 3 has 2,500 feet of nudist-friendly sandy shoreline tucked into the treeline, located near many Moscow hotels. The beach is one of several that lie along the Moskva River as it winds its way around the Serebryany Bor forest, but it’s the only one where clothing is optional. Learn more about how to get to this beloved beach and what you can do once you arrive below.

Kassado Plaza Hotel - Skip and Go Naked: Moscow’s Naturist Beach

Where to Stay When You Go

You’ll be a 15-minute bus ride east of Serebryany Bor at the Kassado Plaza Hotel in Polezhaevskaya, so book a room there if you want your beach commute to be simple and short. The hotel’s central Moscow location also puts you within a mile of the Megasports Arena, and within a 10-minute ride to the Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya, which means you can visit the beach and do more of the fun stuff Moscow has to offer in one day. The hotel has upscale amenities that include deep soaking tubs in each room and on-site sauna and fitness room. A free shuttle operates within a 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of the hotel. Continue reading “Skip and Go Naked: Moscow’s Naturist Beach”

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