Meeting the mountain gorillas: a truly unforgettable trip

If you were one of the many people overwhelmed by David Attenborough’s 1979 encounter with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, you will understand what makes so many people long to meet these wonderful creatures. Mountain gorillas may look fearsome and dangerous on account of their size but they are, in fact, very gentle, intelligent and usually quite relaxed.

Mountain gorilla

Where to see mountain gorillas

You can take a mountain gorilla trekking holiday in Rwanda or Uganda. All Africa reports that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one of the few places to see mountain gorillas, is among the World Heritage Sites that are threatened by climate change. There are fears that rising temperatures will cause the loss of mountain rain forest and that as much as 75% of the gorillas’ current habitat could be lost. Continue reading “Meeting the mountain gorillas: a truly unforgettable trip”