Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

With a string of attractions, like cosmopolitan cities, welcoming towns, world-class national parks, natural hot springs, iconic gold mines etc— Colorado promises you a well-rounded family tour during your vacations. Frankly speaking, with such a wide array of activities- viz- nightlife, hiking, mountain biking, train rides, balloon ride etc to explore, it practically become a tad difficult for vacationers to plan their itinerary properly. However, even within that conspicuously short time, try and make it to, at least some of the special attractions mentioned below:

National Park

Pikes Peak (Pike National Forest): This, perhaps, can be counted as one of those destinations that can emphatically fit in your itinerary simply by the virtue of the breathtaking views it affords. Located around a few miles from the Manitou Springs, this peak reaches an astounding 14,110 feet. Head out for the annual car rally, beginning in July, after braving a difficult climb up. The Pike National Forest is now in charge of protecting the entire mountain range. Continue reading “Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide”

Exploring Freycinet – The Coastal National Park of Tasmania

Tasmania is a land of breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. One of the most popular destinations in Tasmania is Freycinet and the Coastal National Park of Tasmania. In 1802 the French explorer Nicolas Baudin named the peninsula after one of the Freycinet brothers, officers on his ship. Mt. Freycinet is the highest peak in the Hazard Range reaching 620 metres.

Freycinet walker
Photo: experiences.discovertasmania.com

Hikers and walkers of all levels will find this range a challenge rewarded with spectacular views. The white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters of Wineglass Bay make it a favorite scuba diving and snorkeling spot for travelers from all over the world. Bird lovers can see several species in the area including the white-bellied sea eagle, Australasian gannets, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, and crescent honeyeaters. Continue reading “Exploring Freycinet – The Coastal National Park of Tasmania”

Ten things to see in southern USA

From the swamps to the plains, Nashville’scountry music to Delta blues, cities to National Parks the southern states of America have much to offer the visitor. Before you finalise your itinerary and book your airline tickets make sure you are not going to miss these ten must-see destinations.

Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo: praline3001

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a fascinating city at any time of the year but unbeatable during the carnival that is Mardi Gras. Its unique mix of French, Caribbean and African cultures has created a mosaic of culture, food and music. Continue reading “Ten things to see in southern USA”