Travelling the blue-white City of Greece

Greece is some sort of paradise for people who are interested in art, literature and architecture. Far away from beach routine is a wonderful world for admirers of classics, antiquity and travels. Greece is located in the south-east of Europe and has borders with Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia.

Photo: MarcelGermain

You may know that Greece is the most ancient country of Europe and one of the oldest states in the world. Certainly, it underwent a lot of changes for thousands of years, but still we have wonderful monuments of this great culture. First of all it is literature. As you may know all ancient authors have the great impact on many classical writers and nowadays works. But ancient Greeks were developed in many spheres. And one of the main spheres is architecture. Marvelous sculptures and building, which still can be seen today, are the witnesses of that epoch in the history of Greece. Continue reading “Travelling the blue-white City of Greece”