Northern Road Trip: 5 Canadian Roads for the Summer

When it comes to finding the perfect Canadian road trip, many travelers are at a loss of where to even begin the selection process. It often seems as if there are simply too many roads to choose from, but there are a few standout options for explorers and adventurers. For those that are ready to climb into the driver’s seat, here is a closer look at five Canadian road trips with some of the best views in the country.

Lake Louise - Northern Road Trip: 5 Canadian Roads for the Summer

1. Calgary to Lake Louise

This road trip is going to take about four days and begins with a journey through the city of Calgary. From there, travelers can hop in the car and head to Columbia Icefield which offers a variety of sites including snowmobile tours. The last two days can be spent at Lake Louise itself or Fairmont Banff Springs before finally heading back to Calgary. Continue reading “Northern Road Trip: 5 Canadian Roads for the Summer”

Great Places To Stay In Canada This Spring

To many, Canada evokes images of snow-laden slopes, skating across frozen ponds, and huddling for warmth inside a winterized cottage. But when the snow melts and spring finally arrives, the Great White North offers just as many lovely vacation destinations and things to do. Plan a trip up north when warm weather hits and see just how amazing Canada can be year round! Start your search with these popular across-the-border suggestions.



The small town of Montebello is nestled within the Papineau Regional County Municipality in the province of Quebec. French prevails as the dominant tongue, adding to the undeniable romanticism of this rustic gem. Visitors can’t get enough of the famed Château Montebello resort, which is renowned as the largest log structure ever built and a definite addition to your stay. Though the architecture and grounds are breathtaking in themselves, this glamorous cabin features indoor and outdoor pools, spa, golf, bike rentals, and offers excursions including a private tour of the mountain-top Club of Lordes and bear observation. Be sure to drive through the Park Omega, a 1,500 acre park located just 10 minutes away and chock-full of free-roaming wildlife like moose, bison, elk, deer, boars, elk, bighorn sheep, black bears, and more. Continue reading “Great Places To Stay In Canada This Spring”