2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit

Wherever you are in the world, travelling is definitely a great form of education and experience. Fuel your wanderlust as you wander to these best Asian destinations for your 2017 travel goals.

Gwangan Bridge - Busan

  • Busan, South Korea

For most people who would want to visit South Korea, Seoul might be their first stop. Apart from the fascinating city of Seoul, Busan is gaining its popularity among tourists because of its laid-back vibe and beachy urban paradise. Continue reading “2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit”

The Best Semestral Break Destinations in the Philippines

Students taking the course, civil engineering, in various universities across Manila would surely need to take a break from their studies this coming semestral break. After all, it is a well-deserved one especially after they took in various academic activities like their homework and projects just to have passing marks at the end of the term.

Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines

If you are one of these students and you are in desperate need of a break not only from your studies but also from the busy Manila environment, then you should check out these places on this list with your friends or family. Continue reading “The Best Semestral Break Destinations in the Philippines”

Maginhawhat? 3 Great Restos in Maginhawa Street, Philippines

Some people need some convincing to purchase one of the Condominiums for sale in Quezon City and what better way to do that than with food? You may have heard of the famous Maginhawa street and with so many eateries there, you might now know where to start. To help you out, how about starting with these three?

Bakers Table - Maginhawhat? 3 Great Restos in Maginhawa Street, Philippines

Baker’s Table

Get ready to go back to your childhood as you grab a slice of cake from Baker’s Table. Their cakes aren’t your typical Red Velvet, Lemon or Vanilla cakes with icing. In fact, these bakes confections will make you as giddy as a little kid thanks to their extraordinary cake flavors inspired by your childhood favorites. All of their cakes come with the candy from which its flavor is inspired from. Continue reading “Maginhawhat? 3 Great Restos in Maginhawa Street, Philippines”

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Thinking Of Taking a Vacation In Mesmerizing Manila?

The lovely tropical city of Manila with its glorious culture and history offers tourists many attractions. Take a walk down its refurbished Baywalk while soaking in the delightful sights and sounds of Manila Bay. Or, tricycle your way to Chinatown, one of the world’s largest. Do take the time to stroll around its food and herbal stalls. Also stop by at some of the outlets selling Hopia or mooncakes and noodle soup. The combined odors are giddy and appetite whetting!

Photo: Trishhhh

Do not forget to visit the Bonifacio Shrine dedicated to the dynamic leader of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish rule in the 19th century. The shrine, built at the cross-roads of Rizal Avenue, symbolizes the initial conflict between Spanish forces and the Katipunan, the group of revolutionaries led by the firebrand Andres Bonifacio. Continue reading “Thinking Of Taking a Vacation In Mesmerizing Manila?”