Australian Pubs, Food and Etiquette

Pubs are a popular place for social gatherings in Australia. From summer to winter, university students, co-workers, and people from all backgrounds gather to mingle in pubs. While pubs have their origins in ancient Rome, Australians have taken this British institution and created their own version. There is no formal difference between a bar and a pub, but generally pubs are bigger and more casual than bars. Colourful and interesting pubs can be found throughout Australia, and many people will have their favourite local watering holes. Perhaps pubs are so popular in Australia as they provide a relaxed and social atmosphere for drinking.

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Photo: Looking Glass

Pub food tends to be rich and hearty, and pub menus have a range of traditional and modern café items. There are many pubs that serve top cuisine, functioning as restaurants, and others that serve modern, café-style food. Some common and very popular traditional pub menu items are: Continue reading “Australian Pubs, Food and Etiquette”