Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway

If you are thinking of traveling south of the border for a romantic getaway, there are several Mexico destinations that you can travel to with your love to get some much need rest and relaxation. Whether you want to visit an all-inclusive honeymoon resort or a secluded area that is quiet and private, there is a destination that will offer what you want and that you and your spouse will agree on in Mexico. Here are six great options and what make them great spots for romance:

Puerto Vallarta

The Cosmopolitan Beach Area of Puerto Vallarta

What makes Puerto Vallarta such a sight to see is that it is nestled between Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madra Mountains. While it is not surrounded by beach, there is a very secluded beach area south of the bay that you can escape to if you want quiet or you want to eat fresh delicacies. Visit a gourmet restaurant, stay at an upscale resort, or converse with beach locals. Continue reading “Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway”

Top 3 Things to Do In Bucerias, Mexico

Located about 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, along the north shore of Banderas Bay, the charming little town of Bucerias offers its visitors beautiful beaches, cobblestone streets, fantastic restaurants, outdoor activities, art galleries, pubs, boutique shopping and alsoflea marketsthat are loaded with unique treasures!

Banderas Bay

The surf is usually mild enough for swimming, and a small shore break is sometimes suitable for body surfing. Lined with beautiful coconut trees, the long beach at Bucerias is quite wide and remains usable even at high tide. The town is divided into north and south by an ‘arroyo’ or a dry river bed. On the north side, there are small shops that face the main street and restaurants that face the beach. Continue reading “Top 3 Things to Do In Bucerias, Mexico”