5 Reasons to Book a Flight to Cancun Today

When you think of Mexico, you might think of sombreros, cantinas, and of course incredible food. But there are so many more things to see and do in Mexico than you realize. Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and is chock full of awesome things to do on your next trip. Here are some of the reasons why you should finish this blog and go buy plane tickets right now.

World Class Scuba Diving - 5 Reasons to Book a Flight to Cancun Today

World Class Scuba Diving

Cancun and nearby Cozumel are world renowned for their scuba diving and snorkeling. Cozumel is a small island about 12 miles off the mainland. A current passes between the island and the mainland keeping it clear of sediment providing some of the clearest water with visibility up to 200 feet. In addition to the great visibility, water temperatures are usually in the 80s year round making your dive an amazing experience. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Book a Flight to Cancun Today”

Why should I get Insurance to go Scuba Diving?

Many times when we make the choice to go on vacation, we think that all we need to do is purchase the tickets and have a great time.  But that is not the case.  Nowadays people are seeing the benefits of buying travel insurance in addition to the normal health and life insurance that they may have.  Since some travel insurance doesn’t cover specific activities you may take part in on vacation, you need to make sure that if you are going scuba diving, you have some additional insurance to cover that activity.

Scuba Diving
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Problems that could happen while diving

  • Muscle cramps

◦   Muscle cramps are not a problem that will usually require any kind of medical attention, but they can create difficulty for the person scuba diving just as it would effect a swimmer.  It makes it almost impossible to swim or move your limb that is cramping, so it can be hard to get out of the water on your own, especially if you are already underwater. Continue reading “Why should I get Insurance to go Scuba Diving?”

What to Expect on Your Very First Diving Tour

Do you want to try diving on your next vacation? Diving is unlike anything else you have tried before! This quick guide will describe the typical “first time diving” experience so that you can know what to expect; showing up prepared is a great way to make sure your first excursion ends up perfect.

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Finding the Right Venue

Many to-be divers, especially those who live inland, aren’t aware of the extensive certification process required for independent dives – not knowing how to proceed, some vacationers just book a snorkeling session instead. Don’t make this mistake! If you’re heading to a particularly popular diving location, you are sure to find companies that provide diving experiences for first-timers and other non-certified individuals. Continue reading “What to Expect on Your Very First Diving Tour”