Taking a Break: Winter Trip Ideas for the Whole Family

According to Fortune Magazine, 41 percent of all Americans don’t use all of their allotted vacation days. While reasons for this vary from person to person, it’s easy to understand why taking your fair-skinned or heat-sensitive children on a summer vacation can turn into days of sunburn, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and whining. Heat and sun can also be unkind to the elderly, making your family reunion a no-go. Not to mention, summer is often the busiest time at popular resorts and destinations. If you have some vacation days banked and want to use them, consider one of these fun cool-weather options for a fun family getaway this winter.

Ski Resort

A Ski Resort

Skiing is not only good cardio, it can be as gentle or strenuous as you like. Most resorts have runs ranging from lazy slopes, to hard-core, fast-paced thrillers. If skiing isn’t your style, resorts also often offer up other fun activities such as hot tubs, pools, maintained hiking trails, fine dining, and snowshoe trails. Everyone from your smallest kids to the elderly can enjoy a ski resort. Continue reading “Taking a Break: Winter Trip Ideas for the Whole Family”

Five Useful Tips For Booking A Luxury Ski Chalet

If you’ve decided to have an amazing holiday in a ski resort, next you have to choose somewhere to stay. There are many luxury ski chalets available to reserve via the net so take your time and take note of the following five useful tips.

Steamboat Resort
Image: snowfinders.co.uk

  1. First of all there’s the type of accommodation. Chalets range from child-friendly, traditional, self-catering and contemporary. They are ideal for corporate groups, weekend or short stay and retreats. If it’s a family holiday it’s necessary to make sure the chalet you choose is perfectly safe for children. Try and avoid balconies and steep stairs. Most chalets do cater for little ones, however it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

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Reasons to Take Your Family to Les Gets Ski Resort

There are a number of great ski resorts in France. Although it can be difficult to decide which resort you want to take your family to, I would recommend going to Les Gets in the Rhone Alps. The resort has been open for nearly 80 years.

Rhone Alps
Image: flickr.com/photos/50879678@N03/

I haven’t had a chance to visit it myself yet, but my friends have given me some great feedback from their trips to France. They report that the staff who run the resort are attentive and extremely helpful. One of the managers of the facility is named Dave. A friend who visited the resort said that Dave was one of the most helpful attendees he ever worked met at any ski resort he visited. Continue reading “Reasons to Take Your Family to Les Gets Ski Resort”

Italy Ski Holiday And Canada Snow – Something That You Would Enjoy

Italy ski resorts are the popular sites that a lot of tourists would like to visit every years. They would like to enjoy the beautiful scenery there and they would like to play in other European countries during the trip. Comparatively enjoying a ski holiday in Italy is much cheaper than other countries in Europe.


What most people do is enjoying the ski in Italy and then save money to play in other countries. In the past not many people came to Italy to enjoy an Italian Ski holiday. However, as more and more people discover that the cost of this trip is cheap; they are interested in visiting the country and enjoy the ski. You can easily find that there are websites talking about the tips for you to bear in mind when you are taking the Italy ski holiday.
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