5 Must Visit places in the United States

Any place is good to go when it comes to a vacation. But there are some places in the world that are a ‘must see’ in this lifetime. The United States of America is of course one of them and it attracts a lot of tourists from all parts of the world for obvious reasons. Who would not want to visit a country that is rich in development, prosperity, growth, fashion, sports, technology and offers a pleasing quality of life to everyone living there? The following top our list as some of the5 must visit places when you land on American soil.

1.     The Grand Canyon

This is one of the most amazing places to be in the whole world. Situated in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a mountain valley that has incredible depth and heft. The tranquility of the atmosphere and the size of the canyon is huge. The experience of watching it with naked eyes is nothing short of spectacular.  This ranks first in the must visit places in the United States. Continue reading “5 Must Visit places in the United States”