Five Destinations for the Food-Loving Traveller

Before you go on an overseas holiday, there is a lot of planning to be done. Buying tickets, hunting out good cheap travel insurance deals and checking whether you need any vaccinations, for example. But most fun of course is deciding where to go, and if you are a lover of fine food there are plenty of countries that will inspire and excite you. Here are five of our favourite travel destinations that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.


Italians take their food as seriously as any nation on earth. And it shows. From the pizzas and pasta dishes that are their best known gift to the world, to incredible salads, soups and meat dishes there is one thing that unites Italian cuisine: flavour. Whatever the dish, whether it is simple or sophisticated, if it is not packed with flavour, Italians will reject it. So when you are travelling in Italy, you can expect the highest quality ingredients prepared with love and ruthless quality control. What more could a food lover ask? Continue reading “Five Destinations for the Food-Loving Traveller”