Preparing your travel documents

Most people would agree that half the fun of a holiday or trip abroad is the choosing and the planning of where they`re going. Checking out the brochures and the websites is an adventure in itself and, of course, when you have made the choice there`s all those weeks, even months, of pleasant anticipation before the big day of departure. You buy the clothes you need, the suntan lotion, the swimsuits or ski gear and all the other things required to make it the holiday of a lifetime.

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Nothing is left to chance, right? Well, all too often the answer is `wrong` because travel documentation frequently gets overlooked and that`s an oversight which has the potential to ruin the trip before you`ve even left the country. The airlines will tell you just how many people actually turn up to fly only to discover they`ve forgotten to bring their passport. Just as many arrive and discover, to their horror, that their passport has actually expired. It sound incredible but it`s true. Continue reading “Preparing your travel documents”