Staying in Touch While You Travel

When you are getting ready to take a big trip, you often think about all of the little details to prepare, and all of the big new exciting adventures you are going to go on. What many people overlook however, is just how they are going to stay in touch with their family. You need to think about this however, as it is your family who is supporting you in going on this wonderful trip.

Traveling Trip

Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, airplane, or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements.
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Hire the Perfect Rental Villa with These 5 Top Tips

Bali is undoubtedly, the ultimate holiday destination which is located in Indonesia. The exotic beaches and mind blowing landscapes of this place never fail to impress the travellers who visit this place. The Balinese handicrafts and culture are the major attractions of this place. Tourist accommodation in this place is available in different forms such as hotels, resorts and cottages.

Villa in Bali

With first class amenities, nice ambiance and luxuries, Bali holiday rental villas really offers a nice holiday experience for you and your family members. The trend of renting holiday villas has caught on with several travellers round the globe. This is owing to several advantages such as space, privacy and cost-effectiveness which holiday villas usually offer over a hotel. Continue reading “Hire the Perfect Rental Villa with These 5 Top Tips”

Thailand premium bucks and hens party destination

There are several reasons why Thailand is the premium bucks and hens party destination. This is one of the few places in the world where you can have wholesome fun in your party. Even in Western countries, you may not be able to have such amazing fun during a party. When you are in Thailand, you will be able to enjoy the unique destination that you have chosen for your party. All the people who have been invited to your party will have a whale of a time because of the uniqueness of the destination.

Travel Thailand

Why is Thailand premium bucks and hens party destination?

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An Exclusive Guide for You While Visiting New York City

The second in the series top places to visit in New York City continues with our choices to eat lunch after spending all your money on Fifth Ave. Sorry I never should have sent you down there. If hot dogs are not your thing but you still want traditional New York eats I’ve got some ideas.

New York Chinatown

So let’s head down to Katz Deli on the corner of Houston St and Ludlow St. The first thing you notice is a sign hanging from the ceiling that says “Send Salami to Your Boy in Army”. You could witness this since Second World War has started. As soon as you walk in they hand out a ticket to track your meal. Walk up to the counter and order your sandwich but be sure to hand the deli man an extra dollar tip, and he’ll make you a pastrami or corned beef sandwich big enough for three people. Top it off with a traditional cream soda and they’ll have to roll you home. Continue reading “An Exclusive Guide for You While Visiting New York City”

Why a Yacht Holiday Makes the Perfect Vacation?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying in the sun, on a luxury yacht which softly lolls from side to side as gentle waves break against its bow. Think you’re dreaming? Luxury yacht holidays are actually something that you can afford. There are superb holiday clubs out there which offer fantastic holidays, at affordable prices.


Last year, I travelled on board a 60 foot cruising catamaran, courtesy of CLC Yacht Club. We travelled around the stunning Tyrrhenian Sea, living life to the full and enjoying every minute. Every day of the week-long vacation brought a new sight, a new adventure and a new slice of heaven. We visited Mount Palermo and the remains of Pompeii. We tiptoed precariously near the bubbling mud of Volcano, walked through lemon and olive groves and wondered at the many colors of the Italian landscape. Whilst sailing round Corsica, we watched dolphins racing the yacht. Scuba-diving, swimming and island exploration were the orders of the day. It was perfect. Continue reading “Why a Yacht Holiday Makes the Perfect Vacation?”