Take a trip to Rome and let the centre of a historical empire blow you away

The history of man-kind is something that will never cease to amaze us. The way humanity evolved to reach where it stands today is an incredible development that unfortunately shed much blood. Despite the violence, the Roman Empire was an important period in the world’s history. Through solid communication, and effective use of technology the Romans helped to bring roads, laws, education and more to nations all around the globe – including Britain. Rome has been incredibly influential over both political and religious decisions since its rise as an Empire. Thanks to this it boasts nothing but astounding historical culture – maybe that’s why it’s the 11th most visited city in the world!

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Rome situates itself in the Lazio region of central Italy by the Tiber river. If the incredible history of war, struggle, and violence isn’t your cup of tea, maybe the cities climate will be. Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate with the summer seasons often hosting temperatures exceeding 30 degrees – weather that will put a smile across the face of all sun lovers.

The capitals mightiest attraction is the Colosseum. In it’s time this incredible structure could seat 60,000 spectators, offering them an exquisite view over the day’s gladiatorial battle. You will have the chance to take a tour around this magnificent piece of architecture allowing you to explore deep into ancient Rome. No matter the age or experience, the Colosseum is a human land mark that will astound all who visit it. You would be silly to miss this giant.

Rome prides itself on containing the greatest museums in the world – the Vatican museums. They are considered to be the best museums in the world due to their collection of incredible Catholic artefacts that had been attained over the centuries. Sculptures, literature and art of the most incredible kind are dotted throughout these museums. The venues, which celebrated their 500th anniversaries in 2006, hold within them secrets to the definition of human society. There items are world famous and are pieces of history that you will never forget when seen. Rome is, and always will be, an official World Heritage site.

Due to changes in political and religious belief, Rome’s cuisine has tastefully evolved through the centuries making its produce extremely rich with flavour. The Roman Empire took food from a variety of different cultures making its food truly out of this world. With a whole range of top quality restaurants dotted around the capital, you will have no problem in finding a luxurious place to eat. Italy prides itself on birthing some of the best chefs in the world, with many of these geniuses performing their magic inside Rome itself.

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Interested in the film industry? Rome is renowned for being a significant part of the media world, hosting the some of the biggest production companies in the world that second only to Hollywood. A visit to Rome can offer you the chance to get an insight into the art of film, with many of today’s current blockbusters being filmed there.

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