Take your students to the slopes in style

When organising a school trip to the slopes there are a vast number of things that need to be considered. Whether it is the obligatory risk assessment as long as your arm, or issues such as accommodation and activities other than skiing, let the experts take the stress out of the organisation!

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Take a trip to Moldova, experience the undiscovered slopes
Far from the beaten track, the Romanian area of Moldova provides an economical alternative to the more traditional Alpine destinations. Located on the eastern slopes of the Eastern Carpathian mountain range, the resort of Slanic Moldova offers some fantastic skiing conditions. The locality features a large and verdant forest, with the city situated in a natural depression.
When booking a school ski trip to Moldova, you can rest assured that all of the little things will be taken care of, with the added bonus of receiving maximum bang for your buck. Hotel Brandusa is set in the region and has 47 beds, arranged in rooms containing two or three beds each and a number of suites. The subject of recent refurbishment, all rooms contain new furniture, en suite bathrooms and a TV set. With an onsite restaurant, this hotel could provide an ideal site for the school journey.

Alternatively, the Hotel Bradul (which translates as tree hotel) could be a great destination for the school ski trip. Featuring 72 double rooms and two suites, the hotel has been renovated recently. All rooms have the all-important features of en suite bathrooms. The fact that each room has cable TV and the hotel’s free billiards table gives students some great ways to wind down following a hard day’s skiing. Set in a beautiful location, this hotel will be perfect for your journey.

Booking a ski trip
When the decision has been taken to take a group to the slopes and the destination has been nailed down, it is important to ensure that all of the details have been taken care of. From paperwork such as risk assessments to sourcing currency and finding out the best times to hit the slopes, the experts who you book the trip with should be able to make everything run smoothly.

It should go without saying that all group leaders are properly trained and vetted to ensure that they are safe to work with young people, along with skiing coaches. Despite the trip being in a far flung country, it helps to know that arrangements have been taken care of by people who are well aware of the relevant child protection issues.

Benefits of outdoor learning to students
In addition to the obvious benefits to the health of the students when carrying out physical activity such as skiing, the English Outdoor Council have published guidance which outlines a number of extra reasons why opportunities to learn outside are so important to our children. Whether it is because it raises pupils’ engagement with the environment, or it is due to the team building aspect of skiing trips, students will benefit greatly from taking to the slopes.

George Johnson writes regularly about topics like a school ski trip for websites such as http://www.skibound.co.uk. When he is not writing, he is often to be found taking long walks with his children.

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