Thailand – A Phenomenal Destination For Your Luxury Holiday

Planning your vacation may ask for some effort. If you are preparing for a thrilling and adventure filled holiday Thailand is the suitable place for you. Thailand tour packages can be customized according to any pocket and budget. Keeping in view the momentum Thailand government has given to its tourism sector it becomes an indispensable part of your life to visit this place.

Central Part Of Thailand

Various highlights and attributes are associated with Thailand which makes it the most famous tourist spot and attracts visitors from each and every corner around the earth. Every part of the country is equipped with the food and lodging keeping in mind the visitor inflow Thailand is experiencing for past many years. You need to plan your holiday in advance and have to make an estimate of the various challenges you may face during your stay in Thailand. You can also hire a tour operator to make your journey hassle free and smooth.

Various things such as time period, clothing, budget and various other travelling tit bits require careful planning and execution. Some detail explanation of the various spots and places are given below which will give you a better picture of this country.

Central Part Of Thailand
The International airport Suvarnabhumi situated in the capital city of Bangkok is the cross section of all the major international air flights. It is more likely that you will plan to spend some time in this sparsely populated capital city.

Amari Atrium and Bangkok Cha-Da are some world class hotels situated in the capital city. These hotels can be easily accessed from the airports and metro stations. Spacious rooms and rooftop swimming pools makes these hotels as the primary demand of the tourists. The hotels have modern facilities and combine with the Thai décor to enhance your experience. The Historic Royal Palace has been the tourist attraction and the city is also equipped with modern shopping complex, supermarkets, multiplexes and entertainment centres.

Some other attractions of central Thailand are city of Ayuuthaya and the gulf coast. This coast is particularly famous for honeymoon makers who are looking for quiet and clean beaches to spend some valuable time. Plenty of affordable and reasonable price hotels and resorts are available on these beaches.

Enjoy The Eastern Portion
The eastern region lies to the south east of the Bangkok and has Cambodia in its east and Gulf of Thailand in its west. The major highlight of this region is its proximity to the capital city of Bangkok. Coastal cities such as Pattaya and Conburi are situated in the eastern region of the Thailand. Pattaya has been famous for the magnitude and the extremity of the wild parties. The transition is going on as the developers have opened a number of family oriented hotels and resorts along the Pattaya beach.


Being In The North
This region is particularly different from the rest of the country in its aspect of climate, terrain, and culture. The Lana culture is exhibited in the lifestyle, food and dress code of the people over there. The northern region has Mayanmar and Laos to its north and is mountainous, densely forested and comparatively cooler region. The heart of the major city of the northern region “Chiang Mai” is surrounded by 1000 years old fortifications housing some of the most important temples of Asia. The rest of the city is filled with museums, universities, art galleries and a number of entertainment centres which are must for a traveller. Kantry hills and Holiday Inn Chiang mai are some options to spend your luxury holidays. Every comfort and luxury has been made available in these hotels.

Don’t Miss The South
The first names that come to mind when the topic of south Thailand is started are the islands Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui. These places are also famous for hotel and holiday. Amari Coral Beach, Andaman Seaview hotel and Cape Panwa are the name of the some hotels at the Phuket which will serve your luxury holiday. The southern Thailand is also famous for snorkelling and surfing. Every possible water sport can be realized and played here. Lakes, lagoons, resorts and beaches are some other highlights. “Elephant hills”, Khao Sok National Park is a luxury camp having tropical climate and amid rainforests covered mountains. Tents, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and evening activities are some of the highlights of this hotel.

Thailand is a must visit for every traveller. It serves your luxury holidays with the best available services. Hotels, resorts, transportation facilities and other necessities are made according to the need of the tourists. When you will return back from your holiday trip to Thailand you will be equipped with rich and diverse Thai culture, religion and knowledge.

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