The 5 Things to Never Forget When Preparing For Your Big Vacation

Ahhh, vacation time. Time to relax, get away from reality and return home rejuvenated. Does this sound like your previous vacations or are vacations the opposite for you? If you find your much anticipated getaways leaving you stressed, drained and chaotic, read ahead for a few tips to make you better prepared.

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Purchase and Pack Essentials

Essential items are much more expensive in tourist areas. Sunscreen is much more pricy at the beach than at your local discount store. Ski gear is very expensive at a resort compared to ordering online before your departure. Plus, who wants to spend precious vacation time shopping for necessities?

Plan an Itinerary

Take some time before your departure to map your days out. A well planned vacation ensures you will do all you wanted to do and spend less money on impulse buys. Print a copy and tuck it into the luggage. This will make your days easy as everyone will know ahead of time what to expect and there will be no disagreements on things to do.

Get Your Finances in Order

Let your credit card companies know ahead of time of your destination to avoid embarrassing declines at registers. Also, carry cash for places credit is not accepted. Finally, store cards, cash, checks and gift cards in separate places. In the event your wallet is stolen, you would still have the other means of funds to live off of until you return home.

Clean Your House

Trust me on this one. Leaving a clean home sets the pace for relaxation. Returning to a clean home is a much easier transition to reality than a dirty house full of chores. There will be enough unpacking and routine catching up to do without having to clean your entire house.

Secure Your Home

Leave your home in a way that it is most likely to be safe while you are away. The best way to do this is to hire a top home security company to install a program. Close all blinds, consider automatic lights and make sure all windows are locked. Don’t forget to put a hold on all mail and newspapers, as well.

In summary, vacations are meant to be enjoyed, not a time of stress. Due to lack of preparation, many people find themselves looking forward to the end of their trip! With a little planning, you will be guaranteed a break that will be fondly remembered for years to come.

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