The 7 Hotel Features That Make Romance More Amazing

If you’re looking for a romantic weekend away with that special someone, then you need a hotel that offers gorgeous ammenities that will set the perfect stage for romance. Here are seven hotel features that make a romantic weekend away even more amazing.

Bath room

Whirlpool Bath
There’s nothing more romantic to do during a hotel stay for two than to enjoy each others’ company in a gorgeous whirlpool bath right in the comfort of your room. Add some rose petals and champagne for an extra romantic touch.

Beautiful Accommodations
You can’t have a beautiful and romantic weekend in a dinky hotel suite! That’s why a gorgeous hotel room is one of the most important features to having a romantic weekend.

Romantic Accents
At a great hotel, they’ll be happy to supply you with those little romantic accents that make a weekend away extra magical. From fresh flowers to a bottle of chilled champagne, these little touches put a little extra spice into your weekend for two.

Activities For Kids
Not all of us are lucky enough to get to leave the kids at home on our romantic weekends away. However, if a hotel offers entertainment that will keep the kids busy, you can turn any weekend away into a romantic one. Cartier Place Suite Hotel is one of a few Ottawa suites that comes highly recommended by past visitors.

Fantastic Pool and Sauna
Taking a dip together can be a great activity during a romantic weekend. A hotel with a fantastic pool, jacuzzi and sauna is perfect for that couple that wants to relax while spending some quality time together.

Hotel Features

Room Service
When you’re having a romantic weekend away, chances are that you won’t want to leave your room. The perfect hotel for a romantic vacation should offer some wonderful room service options to ensure that you barely ever have to leave your room.

Stunning Banquet Hall
The ultimate romantic weekend wouldn’t just be a getaway for two – it would be a beautiful wedding. When choosing a venue for your wedding, find a space that is beautiful, romantic and perfect for your special day.

Getting away for a romantic weekend once in a while is important for all couples. If you can find a hotel with these seven features, you’re sure to have one of the most beautiful and memorable couples’ vacations of your life.

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