The Best Areas for History Buffs to Visit in Budapest

When it comes to historical significance, Budapest is one of those locations that can be dated back thousands of years. For those that are interested in the events that have contributed to shaping societies of today, there is a great deal to discover in this ancient location. In fact, there are still structures that can be found throughout Budapest as reminders of ancient Roman influence.

Buda Castle Budapest - The Best Areas for History Buffs to Visit in Budapest

Castle Museum

This large establishment is home to relics and artifacts depicting more than 2000 years of historical Hungary. Easily accessible from the St. George Residence, this is one of the most sought after destinations for history buffs. Showcases depicting the middle ages, Gothic statues and the famed 14th century Hungarian coat of arms are just a few of the exhibits that are displayed in this multi-level location.

Matthias Church

Originally constructed in the 1200s, the Matthias Church played a prominent role in the development of culture in Hungary. It was the site for the state representation of the locale as well as the coronation church itself. The church eventually became the main parish site in the capital city and was often used for royal ceremonies. Surviving various damages during World War II, the structure still stands as a testament to Hungarian architecture.

Pest Synagogue and Jewish Museum - The Best Areas for History Buffs to Visit in Budapest

Budapest’s Inner Ring

This section of the city was built in 1859 and is the site of many historical interests. The Inner Ring of buildings surrounds the old center of town in what was once called Pest. This collection of structures includes a variety of museums such as the Hungarian National Museum and Petofi Literery Museum. It’s also the location of the Pest Synagogue and Jewish Museum.

Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill is the location where the city’s springs merge together to supply the water for the Rudas Baths and Gellert Spa. This has been one of Budapest’s prime attractions since the 13th century as people from many different areas have visited the waters due to it’s believed medicinal properties. The Gellert Monument stands as a tribute to Saint Gellert who died in 1046 and stands above a man-made waterfall.

Heros Square and Museum of Fine Arts Budapest - The Best Areas for History Buffs to Visit in Budapest

Museum of Fine Arts

Established in 1870, this has been the site to view a wide range of culture for more than 140 years. The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most important galleries in Budapest while housing one of the largest collections of the Old Masters. Including a vast array of styles from various locations around Europe, it is one of the best places to see everything from Dutch paintings to Egyptian art spanning through hundreds of years.

Danube Promenade

The Danube River is one of Budapest’s natural attractions as this river flows though the location from north to south. In some areas of this magnificent river, it can be as many as 640 meters in width. While this scenic view is attractive to many, one of the most significant historical aspects of the river is near the Hungarian Parliament buildings. The Shoes on the Danube Bank are 60 pairs of steel footwear mounted on the location representing the Jews that were shot at the site during World War II.

Kossuth Lajos Square - The Best Areas for History Buffs to Visit in Budapest

When visiting the city, the right hotels in Budapest can put you within walking distance of historical monuments. These are only a few of what this amazing locale has to offer as you glimpse hundreds of years into the past and see how the culture has evolved. It’s one thing to read about these areas, but it’s a completely different experience to witness them firsthand.

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