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Having lunch in a Bahamian restaurant, you need to carefully study the check. Often, tips are already included in the amount of payment, so there is a risk of leaving more money in the institution than necessary. The tip size in the Bahamas is 15%. Tipping is mandatory; ignoring this rule is regarded as disrespect or dissatisfaction with the service.

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The Currency
In the Bahamas, US dollars are officially used. Tourists should not believe the locals who offer to exchange the currency for the “local” so you can stay completely without money. You can exchange currency only in banks.

The islanders speak English, so his knowledge will be in the hands of tourists. However, you should not try to imitate the emphasis of local residents this can be perceived as a mockery. Bahamians are friendly to tourists, so there is no point in hiding their accent.

What to do in the Bahamas outdoor activities
When the tirelessly bright sun of the Bahamas finally sets, the colors of nightlife come to life, and those who like to have fun at night have much to go. In the capital there are “Jokers.”

Nassau Bahamas - The Best Choices for the Best of Bahamas

On the islands it is customary to greet the phrases “good morning” and “good afternoon” these are universal polite greetings expressing location. Some dishonest Bahamians approach travelers with an offer to buy narcotic substances, assuring them that they are light and absolutely legal. It is worth warning thrill-seekers: in the Bahamas, drug possession is prosecuted by law, and there is no need to talk about the consequences of taking drugs, especially with an unknown composition. Therefore, it would be wiser not to risk money, health and reputation, but to get pleasure and adrenaline through active recreation.

The Islanders and Friends
To make friends with the islanders, you need to forget about arrogance. In the Bahamas they do not like arrogance, but respect the modest and friendly. They themselves are such, and their habit of maliciously joking with themselves and others is simply part of a national character. Do not be offended by jokes, often the Bahamians make fun of others to show them their sympathy, so the best reaction is laughter. Snobbery should be left at home, because communication with local residents is part of good rest and exploring the islands.

When going to the Bahamas, you need to grab sunglasses, a hat and cream. This is a must not only for those who are going to spend their whole vacation on the beach, but also for those who like to take a walk. The sun is merciless to the skin and eyes of tourists from less hot countries, so that the rest is not spoiled by sunstroke, charred skin or headache due to bright light, you need to take care of protection in advance.

Sailing Bahamas - The Best Choices for the Best of Bahamas

Do not eat fruits and vegetables that are sold on the streets
They look appetizing and desirable on a hot day, but can cause indigestion. You can only eat vegetables and fruits cooked in a salad or other dishes, or bought in a supermarket and always peeled. Beach and pool clothing may only be worn for its intended purpose. You can also go for the yacht rental in Bahamas now.

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