The best county to camp and caravan in

Wherever you go in the world there are always campsites, and whether you choose to sleep under canvas or in the superior comfort of a mobile home or caravan, you can always find this kind of accommodation somewhere.

Nowhere more easily, it seems, than in France. This is a country that seems to have been perfectly planned out for those who enjoy the camping life. Every commune offers a camping municipal – which means it is run by the local council.

Alongside these public sites is a wide choice of private campsites – with pitches for tents and touring caravans, as well as static homes available for rent. The private campsites tend to have better facilities and more entertainment on site.

You can also buy a mobile home and keep it on a French site year round, just as in the UK. If you love a certain part of France and see yourself spending many holidays there, then it may be worth the investment of buying your own park home there. When you’re not using it yourself, you’re bound to have many friends and relatives who would like to use it, and you can also rent it out commercially.

Of course, these mobile homes are not cheap, and represent quite an asset. So, you should make sure you have a good insurance policy to cover it. Policies and the premiums attached to them vary and you can find out about the different types of static caravan insurance at Look.

Similarly, you should also get suitable insurance cover for a touring caravan – even though most car insurance policies will cover the insurance necessary for towing a caravan on a public road. This is only at the most basic level, so you should look at an insurance for caravans website to find out about the different levels of caravan cover available.

You can afford to relax a lot more on your holidays if you know the assets you have are covered against damage, loss and theft by a good insurance policy.

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