The best places to visit in Germany

Berlin is surely one of the best places to visit in Germany, and there are a thousand of reasons for this. It goes without saying that traveling in Berlin allows tourists to appreciate not only its technological development, but also its natural scenery and its rich culture and history.

Schloss Charlottenburg
Photo: Gertrud K.

Berlin is a very beautiful city in Europe. It has historic and geographical significance. Many people visit Germany just to see the beautiful sights in Berlin. The city achieved its unification in 1989 when the Berlin wall was collapsed by people for its unification. Mitte is an emerging historical city of Berlin. Different historical monuments can be found throughout in Berlin. It can also be considered the heart of East Berlin. Various bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries and cheap Berlin hotels can be found around the city with ease.

You can visit the Reichstag, the center of Germany’s parliament and take a look at the largest palace in Berlin “Schloss Charlottenburg” The museums and the art galleries are the major attractions for visiting as well. Berlin is another busy German city offering the traveler a glimpse into German night life. It is also famous for night life and shopping too. Its bars and pubs can offer you any one of the famous German Bears.

Regardless of where you to decide to stay for your holiday in Berlin, Germany will be near bus stops, trains or taxis, so you can see everything there is to see. Anyway, if you want to comfortable traveling, just choose Germany car hire.

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