The Best Semestral Break Destinations in the Philippines

Students taking the course, civil engineering, in various universities across Manila would surely need to take a break from their studies this coming semestral break. After all, it is a well-deserved one especially after they took in various academic activities like their homework and projects just to have passing marks at the end of the term.

Mt. Pinatubo Philippines - The Best Semestral Break Destinations in the Philippines

If you are one of these students and you are in desperate need of a break not only from your studies but also from the busy Manila environment, then you should check out these places on this list with your friends or family.

Mt. Pinatubo

People who love hiking and mountaineering will love visiting Mt. Pinatubo in Tarlac, Pampanga. Visitors will get to see the awesome and refreshing mountain views it can offer. Its fresh air will certainly make you forget about your stressful days in the city.

There are different tours you can choose in order to explore the beauty of the active volcano. There is also a mud pack from the mountains that you can experience in one of the spas in the area that will surely going to relax you.

Corregidor Island

Corregidor had served as an army base to both the American and Filipino armies, who fought against common enemies during World War II, which is why history buffs will love visiting this place.

The island has a very rich history and is well-known for its spooky stories, so if you love to go on a ghost tour with your friends, Corregidor may be the perfect destination for you. Moreover, it has also been considered as a top tourist attraction, where students as well as other people can go and explore the different islands surrounding the area.


If you are one of the people who love to explore the many islands of the Philippines, then Pangasinan could be the right place for you because of its highly acclaimed tourist spot known as the “Hundred Islands.”

You and your friends will enjoy going island to island to island as you experience the fresh air this province will definitely provide you, erasing all the stresses and woes you may have possibly brought in with you.


There are several different activities you can relish while visiting Tagaytay. You can choose to go on a picnic with your family as well as ride a horse in places like the Picnic Grove. You can also enjoy an afternoon hike with your friends to see the famous Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world.

Also, you can check out the numerous restaurants that can be found in the area where you can enjoy many traditional Filipino dishes that you will surely miss when you go back to the city.

Quezon Province

The Quezon Province is perfect for all the beach lovers as it provides various places where you can soak in the sun’s rays and swim into the ocean’s cool waters. These places include Anilon, Balesin, Cagbalete, Kabalwa, Palasan, and Talabaan Islands.

Some of the beaches in the province even offer white sand for those that enjoy them and may want to take pictures to share them in different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

There are many places in the Philippines that can be your perfect semestral break destination especially for hardworking students of the civil engineering university in Manila , but these ones will surely take your stress away.


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