The Best Tourist Destinations in Thailand

Thailand has been discussed and considered as one of the most attractive, eye-catching, and exotic Asian hot spots for tourists from all over the world. The mysterious air of the land, the weirdness of the local people, the extra ordinary cultural and historical traditions of theirs are just few of the specifics in Thailand that gather thousands of tourists per year.


On the other hand, the natural resources in the country are extremely impressive and charming and professional photographers come here to shoot the most amazing and stunning picturesque views. The Thai cuisine is the other characteristic of the country that has been depicted as totally spicy, diverse, and original. You can have all of these things in a full tourist pack only if you can afford the expensive two-way flight ticket, because the accommodation in Thailand is also budget-friendly.

Having booked your vacation homes in advance the money you will save for the local attractions are guaranteed. Among the vacation rentals in Thailand you will observe a large abundance of alternatives that range from super cool luxury hotels (which are though cheaper that those in USA, Canada or Hawaii, for instance) to cute small guesthouses, which provide the most needed and expected services and extras such as an outdoor swimming pool, breakfast offer, and contemporary apartments for the entire family.

However, having the exclusive opportunity to visit Thai and having reserved some awesome and affordable vacation homes for you and your other companions of the trip, you should also make a good plan of your visitation in the Asian land. Here are the best tourist destinations in Thailand you should not miss for anything in life.

Dancers in Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

Starting with the central part of Thailand, we must begin our review of the best tourist destinations in the country with the capital. Bangkok is a fascinating piece of land, where ancient culture, rich historical monuments, and exotic attractions that are diversified with modern and decent restaurants and bars are placed in. The Thai capital is harmoniously urbanized with fashionable cafeterias and ultra unique open-air public spaces for having a bite or just to relax from the long route of classical museums and natural attractions.

Bangkok is the homeland of the biggest crocodile farm in the world and it is located in a fascinating suburban area, where the end of the capital is built as a natural park. Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Center, on the other hand, gather the art and craftsmanship lovers, while the historical monument of Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya is the most favorite tourist hot spot, when it comes to the traditional Thai architecture.

Going to the Eastern part of Thailand, we should definitely skip to the region of Pattaya. This wonderful and totally striking city accommodates the most luxury recreation and SPA centers, which are located right across the beachside of the Thai land. Relaxation and peaceful atmosphere are provided for those of you, who eager to feel the mysterious tranquil air in Thailand, while the downtown of Pattaya impresses with a large abundance of historical attractions such as the Khao Sam Muk and the Chao Mae Sam Muk Shrine.

Inthanon, Chiang Mai

The Northern part of Thailand consists of the most cultural and spiritual destinations in the country. For example, the district of Nan shares charming natural scenery with public attractions such as art galleries, enigmatic temples, and extra ordinary museums with antique exhibitions. The second of the largest provinces in Thailand – the Chiang Mai area – is also here with its beautiful architecture and traditional festivals, where dancing programs and tasty delicacies are offered for the guests.

Going to the Southern part of Thailand, you must visit the lands of Phuket, which is the biggest island in the country. Exotic and absolutely different from all the isle tourist destinations we know from the luxury magazines, this piece of splendid land is the last step of the way to heaven.

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