The Best Way to Go on a European Road Trip

European visitors have three choices when it comes to transportation when visiting its major cities. They can either go by trains, buses, or cars. But in order to enjoy visiting its regions, the best way to travel is still by cars. Tourists will have a grand time exploring the depths of UK, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Spain and other European countries if they just hire cars as they will not be encumbered with schedules and just plan their trips their own way.

Driving trip

But before embarking on a road trip, there are things that need to be considered as driving through Europe means crossing countries with different cultures and different languages. Travelers might want to research important words beforehand so they can communicate with the locals, plan in advance to anticipate currency exchange, and check out the differences in gas prices.

It would be smart to buy a detailed map of Europe that covers each country that they need to visit in depth even if they intend to use a GPS device or a smartphone. This is in preparation for any eventualities such as unexpected detours, road under construction, or in case the GPS loses its signal. If they intend to rent cars for weeks, they may opt to have a short-term leasing plan where they buy the car for the duration of the trip then sell it back afterwards. This will save them from hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run.

They might also want to remember some important points such as: most rental cars in Europe have manual transmissions, know their left from their right especially when traveling to UK and Ireland as they drive on the left side of the road, look out for aggressive drivers so drive defensively, secure the necessary driving permits, and be sure to learn European road laws first before traveling as there will be plenty of unfamiliar things especially for first timers.

Bristol centre
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Travelling through Europe by cars offers travelers the freedom and flexibility to create their own itinerary. If there are two or more travelers, it is advisable if they will just hire cars as it is more economical if they will just split the costs to get the most out of their holidays.

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