The Expat Life: Work & Travel Rolled into One

The Digital Information Age has allowed for the creation of jobs all over the world. Industries are being built on the foundation of the Internet. Economies, too, are growing and developing as more and more people circle the globe in search of new experiences and new places to travel. There are a lot of jobs that you can apply to when visiting or planning to travel outside of your comfort zone. Banking jobs in Myanmar become new opportunities for you to try new jobs that you can do part time. You will earn extra cash while travelling, gaining new experiences, and learning new skills that you take with you for the rest of your life.


Before You Go…

Before you leave and travel while working, there are a few things you must do in order for you to earn extra cash. One is to make sure that you have a PayPal set up. Industries that can be found on the World Wide Web will be able to immediately pay you for one time jobs or contractual work when you have your PayPal set up. Another is to make sure that you are mobile. Whether you have a pre-paid roaming service or know that you will have an internet connection wherever you are staying, make sure that you can immediately respond to your notifications and alerts. Make sure, too, that your laptop is optimized for travel work. Make sure to check and double check your system for any bugs, glitches or issues so you won’t run into the hassle of technical support for your system.


One way for you to get extra cash while traveling is to freelance. Websites such as Freelancer or ODesk allow you to set up a profile so you can quickly get hired for freelance work that pays by output. Your skills in talent, your certification, college degree, even if typing is just a hobby that you are interested in, there are thousands of job opportunities doing freelance work.


All over the world, there are plenty of things that plenty of people are not familiar with. Whether it be teaching a Martial Arts class, a musical instrument, a dance class, or teach any language, there are plenty of students all over the world that are interested in learning a new skill. Tutoring is a great opportunity for you to share your passion and help other people. There are also plenty of institutions that are willing to take the opportunity to allow teachers to share their skill and knowledge to students.


Much like freelancing, remote work is a great opportunity for you to travel around the work. Working remotely, with little supervision and in flexible hours can certainly make you more productive when you’re in a tropical paradise or even just at the park instead of in an office. Become the “outsource”, where your employer allows you and trusts you enough to be elsewhere while still being able to complete your tasks for the day.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to work while traveling. Go online and check remote work listings, seasonal work, freelance work, part-time jobs, or flexible hours in the location that you intend on staying. Chances are, there are plenty of people that will appreciate a helping hand that is willing to learn and have new experiences. Banking Jobs in Myanmar become grand opportunities to explore tropical countries when you step out of your comfort zone.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for JOBNET.

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