The Five Best Surfing Beaches in the World

Some of the best surfing beaches in the world include the Gold Coast in Australia, the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa and El Salvador.

Best Surfing Beaches in Australia - The Five Best Surfing Beaches in the World

Many surfers spend their days travelling from one country to the next in search for the perfect wave.  If you are lucky enough to have this luxury there are certain beaches that you should not miss out on.  Leave behind your water skis because you definitely won’t need a boat to tow you along, you will be getting momentum enough from these outstanding waves.

Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast is located in the south east of Queensland and is the perfect location for surfing.  With a subtropical climate and gorgeous beaches it is a great place for a holiday as well as surfing.  There is seventy kilometres of beach stretching along the coast and with it comes four fantastic surfing point breaks, part of the reason the area is known as Surfers Paradise.  Take your pick from great surfing locations including Main Beach, Narrowneck, The Spit, Mermaid Beach and Palm Beach.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Off the west coast of Sumatra are a chain of seventy islands that make up the Mentawai Islands.  It has the most consistent surf in the world and is hugely popular with surfers.  There are four main islands that block the ocean swell from reaching the coast of Sumatra, and it is to these islands that surfers head to find the perfect wave.  The biggest waves are found between June and September and as the winds vary the waves can face almost every direction.  For the best surf head to Bankvaults, Lance’s Left and Lance’s Right, as well as the Macaronis.  It can get quite expensive if you plan on staying a while, as some surfers pay up to $125 a day, especially due to the fact that the only way to reach the islands is by ferry or boat.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

In the eastern cape province of South Africa is Jeffreys Bay, one of the most famous surfing locations in the world.  It is particularly good during winter in June, July and August.  It hosts the annual Billabong Pro WCT surfing event at a beach called Supertubes.  Other great beaches include Boneyards, Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Point and Albatross.

Fuerteventura, Spain

Located in the Atlantic Ocean this is part of the Canary Islands and found off the coast of Africa.  It is a popular surfing spot with an even temperature that rarely dips below eighteen degrees or gets any hotter than twenty four.  The most popular waves are found at Rocky Point, Cotillo, Esquinzo, German Rights, The Bubble, Harbour Wall, Generosa, Shooting Gallery and Mejillonas.

El Salvador

El Salvador borders the Pacific Ocean, located between Guatemala and Honduras.  It is gradually becoming more popular but at the moment surfers are enjoying it for its great swells and the fact it is a lot less crowded.  Great beaches include El Zonte, La Libertad and Sunzal.  Head there during March to October when the main swell appears, along with the rainy season.  Swells at these beaches can sometimes reach up to ten feet in height.

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