The magic of the Spanish Isles

People who have visited Spain already will know that it’s a fantastically diverse country, full of different landscapes and history. You can find a different side to Spain every item you visit, and this is really apparent if you go to any one of the Spanish islands.


The most popular islands belonging to Spain are Ibiza and Majorca in the Mediterranean and the Canaries, just off the coast of North Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. Each island has its own particular charms and you can find both a party scene and splendid isolation on all of them.

The Canaries have an amazing landscape due to their volcanic nature. On Tenerife and Lanzarote you’ll find volcanoes to visit in national parks, which can provide a fascinating day out as you explore the lunar-like landscape.

Even though Ibiza is relatively small, you will discover the scenery is amazingly varied, including rolling hills and dramatic mountains inland. By the coast, there are long white beaches and narrow coves. If you enjoy walking you might decide to take a guided tour so that you can learn some of the history about the island along the way.

Majorca, too, has its own special charms. Many of the beaches are beautiful coves, but you’ll find long stretches of beach too. A great resort for families is Cala d’Or, while those looking for a busier nightlife scene should head to Magaluf.

And now, travelling to the different Spanish islands is really quite affordable, and you don’t need to go on a package holiday to get there. You can get cheap flights to Ibiza with as well as to Majorca and the Canaries, and there’s always an abundance of accommodation to choose from.

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