The most interesting places to visit in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is almost completely covered by mountains and gorges that make this country quite exotic to visit. Individual tourists and campers will love it. Everything here – intact nature, fresh air, wild animals and a lot of hiking roots – provide a great holiday and unforgettable experience. Here are some places worth getting a visa to Kyrgyzstan.

Lake Issyk Kul Cholpon Ata Kyrgyzstan - The most interesting places to visit in Kyrgyzstan

Lake Issyk-Kul

Issyk-Kul is one of the main attractions of Kyrgyzstan. It has never frozen, so it is called “warm lake” – that is how Issyk-Kul is translated to English. Issyk-Kul is also the second largest alpine lake on the Earth. It is surrounded by mountains capped with snow. Not far from the lake are the Tien Shan Mountains highest peaks – Khan Tengri and Pik Pobedy.

Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat is a well-preserved 15th century stone caravanserai located near to the Chinese border. It was built in X century as a monastery. Legend has it that it was founded by Christian monks from Syria or talapoins. Later it was abandoned as Islam spread in the Central Asia but did not disappear due to the Silk Road activities. Tash Rabat is a local center For horse-trekking and hiking.


Bishek is the capital of the country. It was founded in 1825 as a fortress by the Uzbek khan of Kokhand, but earlier it had been just one of the stops on the Silk Road. In Soviet period, it was named after Mikhail Frunze, a Bolshevik military leader.

The city is very impressive with its wide boulevards and monumental squares. A lot of marks of the Soviet past like a giant statue of Lenin can be found here.


Osh is one of the most ancient cities of the Central Asia. It was found more than three thousand years ago, and the story of its elaboration is not clear, although the legends say it is concerned with Alexander the Great and Solomon. The main point of interest in Osh is Takht-e Soleymān (“the Throne of Solomon”). Takht-e Soleymān is a mountain which is considered the second sacred places of Islamic culture after Mecca.


Karakol is not only nice city, the capital of the Issyk-Kul province, but also the name of the best ski resort in the Central Asia. Here you can find luxury cottages and hotel rooms at the reasonable price. It is a place to enjoy the mountains and saunas. The best season to visit is from November to April.


Arslanbob is a unique wild walnut forest. It occupies the territory of 1 482,63 acres and produces 1,500 tons of walnuts per year. One of the legends has it that the first walnut trees of Arslanbob were planted by Alexander the Great.

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