The Sun is Shining – The Course is Green: Six Golfing Resorts Known for Luxury

Relaxing in the sun while hitting a golf ball with a nine iron is what many people call a wonderful day. There are numerous golf courses across the United States that offer the typical 18 holes. There are also courses that have luxurious amenities and look amazing on the green and in the clubhouses.

Pebble beach

Pebble Beach

This is one of the most luxurious golf courses. It is located in California with the ocean being a factor when playing the 18 holes because of the breeze off the sea. From the five-star spa to the food that is delectable, this is a course for golfers or those who simply want to see a beautiful area of the country.

Bandon Dunes

Another west coast course, Bandon Dunes, is located in Oregon. While there are three courses to choose from, there are no golf carts. The course has a Scottish heritage. Private cottages are located on the course as well as suites with four bedrooms. After a rousing golf game, enjoy a low-key nightlife in the clubhouse.

The American Club

Located in Wisconsin, this is one of the hottest golf courses in the country. It is geared toward the younger crowd of golfers. There are four courses with a luxury hotel. Get a massage at the spa before heading out to play a game with friends.

Sea Island

When visiting the south, you must explore Sea Island in Georgia. Several famous golfers such as Tom Fazio have played on the course and have helped develop the resort. It is located near the coast, giving golfers a beautiful view of the ocean while hitting balls across lush green grass. There is a hotel at the resort as well as private cottages.


This is by far one of the best golf courses in the southeast. It can be found in North Carolina. Home to numerous golf tournaments, the amazing area and the friendly people make this one of the most fascinating resorts in the area. Three inns are located at the resort, and there is a spa that specializes in activities for teenagers and children.

Four Seasons

Who wouldn’t want to experience Hawaii while playing golf? This resort was designed by Jack Nicklaus. It stretches along the Pacific Ocean. The resort has wooden floors, Hawaiian artwork and has several things to offer children. This resort is home to several Senior PGA tournaments.

Whether you want to play on the west coast or a luxurious island, there are hundreds of golf courses that have breathtaking resorts. Follow the green grass to a hole in one from Georgia to the island of Hawaii.


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