The top 5 beaches in the world

Beach Phang Na

Located in Thailand, this beach is a rocky labyrinth enters the warm Andaman Sea agual in southern Thailand. Beautiful mountains emerge in the waters, covered with green. There is no shortage cruises covering the area to show the unique view that Phang Na, dicham boats leave from Phuket daily, also providing diving services which is suitable for the area.

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Located in East Africa, Dutch, French and English escaparada adueñaros this green island since 1968 is an independent republic. Mauritius Island is the most accessible of the Indian Ocean and can be presumer style tropical paradise of Maui.

Whitehaven Beach

Locatd in Australia, considered by many Australians and tourists as the best beach in the world. Whitehaven Beach can be found from a vast nightlife for those who want to enjoy the festivities and an amazing marine diversity in the coral reef for those wishing to venture into the waters of Whitehaven Beach. The main feature of the beach is the sand where six miles of white sand go blind visitors, all accompanied by warm turquoise waters.

The charm of Positano on the Amalfi coast

To get to Positano there are two alternatives, reached by car from Naples by a winding road between the coast and cliffs, a landscape or do just unbelievable boat and see the beautiful postcard of Positano from the sea. Whatever your choice no doubt that first image of this town is going to score.

Visit the beaches of Spain

Costa Brava: one of the country’s most popular as it has one of the most extensive maritime territories across the region are also many tourists visit it every holiday season making it one of the most quoted in travel agencies.

Gold Coast: This is another of the most popular beaches in Spain and the name Gold Coast was attributed to the tropical climate where the sun shines all this wonderful sand beach.

Costa de Almeria: the coast is one of the busiest in Spain and how we can guess from the name is located in Almeria so most visitors are regional although there are a lot of visitors from other regions and the world.

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