The Wonderful Netherlands

It may be one of the most developing 21st century nations, but the tourism you’ll experience in Netherlands is like no other. Even during these advanced times, there is nothing like riding a bicycle through the cobbled streets, enjoying the wondrous canals and ancient structures of this most loved tourist destination. Netherlands is home to amazing traditions, world class museums, delicious food and mind blowing scenery. It is surely a delight to experience the wonders of the city at least once in your lifetime.

Whether it’s a trip to one of its marvelous cities or a beach break, exploring Netherlands is extremely pleasing! Let’s take a look at the best the country has to offer and some tips you need to note down.

  1. The Ideal Time to Visit

The weather in the country varies significantly and visitors who have experience it during multiple seasons know how difference the entire scene can be. The best part is, you can happily visit Netherlands all year round. The peak tourist’s season is between April to October and the tourism game again rises in December. If you want to experience the country when it’s less crowded, visit inNovember or from January to March. To experience the scenic winters and ice skate over the frozen canals, visit the country from December to February. To witness the beautiful tulips, spring time is ideal. Summer is best for everything! No matter what time you visit, ensure you carry an umbrella along.

  1. Sights You Must See

A fan or not, it is a must to visit the district of Rotterdam that was spared from the war time bombings. Delfshaven is one of the most love tourists’ attraction that stands out for the ambiance it provides.

To experience the Dutch life in its sense, head to Delft. The unique ceramics in blue and white, historical evidences, Vermeer’s hometown and the scenic beauty of Delft will leave you awestruck for a long time.

Netherlands is home to some amazing museums and Hague holds one of it. The Escher In Het Paleis Museum is one of its fine examples. Initially used as a palace of the Queen, the museum now holds the exclusive collection of the world class artist M. C. Escher.

Amsterdam is a must to explore when you’re in the country. The picturesque canals of the capital and the amazing attractions makes it one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. The Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum and Van Gogh Museum would make you fall in love with the awesome collections that have been reserved so well.

Leidin would be a delight to explore once you’re in Netherlands. Take a trip to the oldest university of the country and the marvelous 17th century buildings. Leidin is home to majestic castles as well as the most appealing botanical gardens. When you’re traveling solo or with a partner, you’ll have a relaxing break away from all the routines of life.

  1. Indulge in the Dutch Cuisine

When exploring Netherlands, it is a must to try their world class cuisine. The fine dining restaurants and street side cafés would delight you massively because of the top standards of food they’ve managed to keep. In Netherlands, replace your standard pancakes with Poffertjes and your regular apple pie with Appelt art. The Dutch are also experts when it comes to Koffieverkeerd (caffè latte), Hollandsenieuwe haring (raw herring fish) and Stroopwafel (syrup waffle).

Explore the wonders of Netherlands and make these memories last for a lifetime!

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