The World Is Your Oyster With A Caravan

Caravan holidays can be a great way to see different parts of the country, and other countries too. The freedom that you have with a caravan is that you can change your planned itinerary at the drop of a hat, with no concerns about finding accommodation as you always have it with you.

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Whether you are travelling in the UK or in continental Europe there are so many camp sites available that even if your first choice is full, you’ll always be able to find another place to stay nearby.

It’s the freedom of movement associated with caravanning, along with the ability to take your home comforts with you on your travels that makes owning a caravan so popular.

Of course, caravans are quite expensive vehicles, so it’s probably not something you should rush into without trying it out a few times first. And even if you decide to go ahead and purchase your own touring caravan, you might want to start out with a second-hand one.

As well as the actual purchase price, you’ll need to think about other running costs, including winter storage facilities, annual maintenance and servicing on appliances in the caravan and the cost of insurance. Although in the UK you’re not obliged to have caravan insurance, apart from the times it is being towed on a public highway, most caravan owners do take out separate caravan insurance.

This makes a lot of sense as the cost of replacing a stolen or damaged caravan is prohibitive. There are lots of insurers that will offer caravan insurance, but it’s advisable to go with a specialist insurer as they understand the risks attached to owning a caravan. You can click here to buy Touring Caravan Insurance here.

Before you buy a caravan you can check how much the insurance will cost you. This is a sensible idea, as you don’t want to have an unexpected extra amount to pay after you’ve purchased a caravan. Look Insurance is a specialist leisure insurer and offers cover for touring and static caravans, motorhomes, boats and holiday homes. Look provides online quotes and you can click to quote for touring Caravan Insurance here.

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