Theatre Lovers: Experience What Brisbane Has To Offer

Brisbane is not only the capitol of Australia; it is also the most cultural city of the country when it comes to the theater. It offers a nice change of pace from New York or London and provides a chance to experience the wonderful sights and cuisine of the land down-under. Enjoy the stylish theaters that engage today’s most popular shows and performers to entertain you.

Queensland theatre company

Queensland Theatre Company

Although this theatre started in 1970, it has become a venue where many internationally famous stars began their careers. The stage has hosted perennial classics such as “Romeo and Juliet” while also giving patrons the chance to see more modern comedies and dramas written and directed by Australians. No matter what your preference for live performances, this theatre caters to them all.

La Boite Theatre Company

Since its opening in 1925, La Boite has maintained this theatre-in-the-round by offering new and unique renditions of some of the most popular plays of the time. New twists on some of your favorite classics will keep you guessing what is going to happen next in a play you thought you knew so well. It is also home to the annual Festival of Australia Student Theatre, where you can watch performers, authors and directors from Australian universities as they move from being students to becoming professionals.

Story Bridge - Brisbane

The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

This venue is more than just a theatre; it hosts an art gallery, workshops, rehearsal halls and studios where artists can create their works. As a visitor, you have the unique chance to watch rehearsals and/or wait until the finished product. If you are a student or performer, you can attend a workshop to hone up on your skills while travelling.

Princess Theatre

With many architectural changes since first opening in 1889, the Princess Theatre is all that remains of post-colonial theatre in the area. It is now a cultural arts center holding mainly private showings of live entertainment, but does open to the public for an occasional musical show. Make sure you check the calendar of events for the Princess Theatre; if you cannot find a public show during your visit, you will still want to tour the building.

The Lyric Theatre Brisbane

This theatre is part of the Queensland Performing Arts Center. Visitors here will be in awe of the incredible acoustics and sound produced in this beautiful arena. It is also home to Opera Queensland; most of the city’s ballets and operas are performed on the stage here.


When travelling to Brisbane, be sure to find out if your trip includes any special offers or deals to the different theatres. You may be able to receive a special invite to meet the stars and enjoy a party after the show. Some theatres are working with some of the top restaurants in Brisbane, offering a meal before going to the show at a discounted price for both. Remember to ask at the front desk of your hotel for any discounts or special events going on. Even if you did not visit the city for its unique theatre experience, it is not something you want to miss.

Victoria is a freelance travel writer who loves exploring different parts of the world. She recommends that when you are in Australia you at least visit one theatre in Brisbane.

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