Things Not To Miss In Berlin

Berlin has a great political, economic and historical importance and place worldwide as the capital city of Germany. It is the largest city of Germany and is also the largest populous city in the European Union.

Brandenburg Gate Berlin - Things Not To Miss In Berlin

Being a place of immense historical importance, Berlin is also a popular tourist attraction in European and tourist comes from across the world to visit Berlin.

It does not require any rocket science to understand that the city of Berlin is full of amazingly sightseeing places and there so many things in Berlin to see and to do. But, often a tourist or visitor is left with a very short and limited timeline to tour the city. In that case, one have to make the tough choice (really it is)! What to do and see and which one to leave.

To help the travelers to get through their dilemma, in this article, we have decided to jot down a few things that cannot be or rather it is safe to say that which should not be missed while you are visiting Berlin and you are indeed with a limited timeline.

Berlin Cathedral - Things Not To Miss In Berlin

Let us chart it!

Now, quickly let us list all those things that are not to be missed in Berlin.

  1. Schedule a visit to the Bede Schiff: This is a unique and a place to relax while you are in Berlin. This place is basically a bathing ship with a floating pool, spa and sauna services. This is very popular and remain crowded in summer and there’s also special arrangement for the winter season too. There are two saunas especially operational in the winter!

This is one place you surely don’t want to miss while in Berlin.

  1. Having breakfast on the top in Reichstag: It is the building with glass dome which provide a panoramic and breathtaking view of the whole Berlin City. And to climb the building and see the view is absolutely though on some occasions, you need to make advance reservation.

One can enjoy breakfast with the amazing view of the city.

  1. Visit the German Parliament: The German Bundestag or the German Parliament house is one of its amazing and one of a kind of building in the whole world which hosts a public restaurant on its top floor, which is incidentally situated right next to the glass dome.

Bundestag German Parliament - Things Not To Miss In Berlin

It is known as the Kaefer Restaurant and it’s known for its delicious German cuisines and wines. But, their breakfast for which they are popular. One need to book table in advance and require a photo id for security check as it is situated within the Parliament building.

  1. Tour the museums: There are numerous world famous museums that are located in Berlin. Museum Island is the hub where all the world famous museums of Berlin is situated. All the museums charge a minimal fee but Museum Island Berlin card can save you both money, time and you can also skip the long ques outside all the museums.

Visiting Museum Island while being in Berlin is one thing you simple cannot afford to miss out.

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